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how do I wake a hybernating computer?

By myjerkyshoppe ·
My Dell inspiron laptop went into hybernation by itself, now I can't get it to turn on.

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by Jim_P In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...

Yes, good old hybernation, tried pressing the power button? May have to pull the battery out and start off fresh. Then maybe do another test to see if hybernation locks the laptop up again, then go on to find out why it is locking up.
May be in need of a bios update, or going to the dell website to see if there are any power management updates, etc.

Kind Regards,

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by jon In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...

Typically, open it and turn it on again.

If not, hold the power button down until the system is definitely off, then restart it. I cringe when I do this...

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by zlitocook In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...

Alot of laptops have hibernation problems, Go to Dells website and do a search on it. There are different settings for how it hibernates and ways to make it wake with just moving the mouse or by pressing the power button once. My Dell laptop is set to conserve the battery if is not plugged in. So it will not come on until I press the power button.

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by ctrservices In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...

Yes, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Also, you could have accidently set your pc to display to an external monitor. Try Fn + F8 (check your manual if this doesn't work). Do this two or three times to cycle through external monitor, dual monitors, etc., (wait a few seconds before trying each time) if you don't see video on the laptop the first time.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...


Try unplugging the mains, remove the battery, have a cup of coffee, replace battery, plug in mains and turn on.

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by thomasjob1 In reply to how do I wake a hybernati ...

try pressing the power button or by double klicking(the mouse is working for me)

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Still Wont Boot

by majcom1 In reply to

My Dell Inspiron acts like it is completly dead....Other than you can see the charge light flicker occasionally as it charges the batteries. I have tried all the tips and still nothing. Any Ideas or is it DOA

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