how do I wipe out my hard drive

By sillohed ·
in preparation for installing windows 7 I would like to clean off my hard drive for a fresh start. in the old days we just did a format c:/s but I don't know if that works anymore.

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You need

by santeewelding In reply to how do I wipe out my hard ...

A god from outside the machine. Instructing your OS to format c is to cause a snake to begin swallowing itself at the tail. Eventually, there will come a moment of crisis.

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Plug in your WinXP CD...

by NexS In reply to how do I wipe out my hard ...

(I say XP because I don't know what it's like for Win7)and boot from CD. Then go through the process of formatting it in the initial setup... then just don't install XP...

That's what I'd do... or use a disk eraser and a CD operating system (Oh Smeg links to a good one all the time to people... can't remember what its called)

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Use win7 format while installing

by agsapt In reply to how do I wipe out my hard ...

You copy of win7 should allow you to reformat and/or repartition your hard drive(s) while installing. Actually no need for other software

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I personally like Boot & Nuke available free here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how do I wipe out my hard ...


Though some people have a problem with some SATA Drives so they use Kill Disc which is also a freebie available here


If you have any suspicion of a Infection on your HDD either of these will kill it completely as they write zero's to every sector of the HDD instead of just writing to every third sector with the Windows Format Option and even less with the Fast Format.


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