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how do i work boot disks in case xp home goes down?

By soundfresh ·
how and when would i use the 6 boot disks for xp
home?how and when would i use my xp disk after i
change my booting sequence to cd 1rst?what and
how are all the ways i can work the recovery
console in xp home?please give descriptive
detailed instructions for these three questions

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by dmiles In reply to how do i work boot disks ...

Windows XP Setup boot disks are available only by download from Microsoft. The Setup boot disks are available so that you can run Setup on computers that do not support a bootable CD-ROM.

There are six Windows XP Setup boot floppy disks. These disks contain the files and drivers that are required to access the CD-ROM drive and begin the Setup process.

Creating the Setup Disks
When you download the Setup disks, the download contains only one large program file. When you run the downloaded file, it extracts the files. You receive the following prompt: This program creates the Setup boot disks for Microsoft Windows XP. To create these disks, you need to provide 6 blank, formatted, high-density disks.

Specify the Floppy Drive to Copy the Images To
Type the drive letter for the floppy disk drive (this is typically drive A). After you type the floppy disk drive letter, you see the following prompt:
Insert one of these disks into drive drive letter :. This disk will become the Windows XP Setup Boot Disk.
Press any key when you are ready.
When you press a key, the downloaded file starts extracting and copying the files. Continue inserting the blank disks as you are prompted to do so until all six disks are created. If the process is interrupted you must run the downloaded program file again to create all six disks.

Make sure to label each disk appropriately with the number that is specified by the program. You will have to use the disks in the correct order during the Setup process.

Using the Setup Disks
After you create all six disks, insert the first disk in the floppy disk drive, and then restart the computer. Note that the computer must be configured to boot from the floppy disk drive. In some cases, you may need to modify your computer's BIOS settings to do this.

The Setup process starts. Insert the other floppy disks as you are prompted to do so. Note that you will need to use the Windows XP CD-ROM to finish Setup.

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by dmiles In reply to

1. Start the Recovery Console. If you do not have the Recovery Console installed, start it from the Windows XP compact disc (The CD). Follow the a. b. c. d. steps to install Recovery Console:

a. Insert the Windows XP CD in your CD drive and restart your computer. If prompted, select any options required to boot from the CD.

b. When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts; you need to choose the repair or recover option by pressing R .

c. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, choose the installation that you need to access from the recovery console.

d. When your prompted, type the Administrator password.

2. At the command prompt, type cd system32 , and then press ENTER.

3. Type ren kernel32.dll kernel32.old , and then press ENTER.

4. Type map , and then press ENTER.

5. Note the drive letter assigned to the CD-ROM drive that contains the Windows XP CD. It is displayed in a format similar to the following:


6. Type expand drive \i386\kernel32.dl_ (where drive is the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive that contains the Windows XP CD), and then press ENTER. For example:

Expand d:\i386\kernel32.dl_
Note the underscore character after the "L" in Kernel32.dl_

The following message appears:

1 file(s) expanded.

7. Type in exit, after the computer restarts remove the Windows XP CD and start the computer normally.

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