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how do internet Outook 2000 clients acce

By talbot ·
There are users trying to retrieve their mail by connecting to the proxy server, which is forwading all mail requests to and from the exchange server. This is working fine for SMTP and POP3 mail, but Outlook clients on internet can't get their mail.

I know Outlook has to connect to port 135, so do I need to add this port to one of my wspcfg.ini files, to make it available on the proxy server? Or do I have to make the dynamic ports exchange uses static. I thought making them static was only necessary to make it possible to define proxy filters, and I haven't done that yet. I've determined that there is not a problem with packet filtering, so what is the problem?

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how do internet Outook 2000 clients acce

by Corky132 In reply to how do internet Outook 20 ...

There is two ways of doing this, depending on the users. If they are outside your network (internet) only occasionally (at home, or several times during the week, I would recommend setting up the Outlook Web Access. It's a small piece that can be setup on the proxy box, that "points" to the exchange server. It's a think client, users can get their email thru a web browser. It's nice, not as versatile as the full client, but it will definately do for most people.

If you have permenant people that NEED to use Outlook 2000, you'll have to create a static filter thru the proxy with that port. Then create a wspcfg.ini file with that info and restart exchange. Proxy will "publish" that server to the internet for you.

Hope that helps.

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how do internet Outook 2000 clients acce

by talbot In reply to how do internet Outook 20 ...

I've implemented solution one (OWA), cuz I can't find any documentation on using Outook 2000 on the internet to get email from the home server, that is, without using a VPN.

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