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How do PC Repair Techs Install Windows on Different Machines?

By mattie289404 ·
I know for home user you have to activate..thinking about starting a small pc repair how do PC repair techs reload Windows on machines if customer does not have a copy?

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Best Bet....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to How do PC Repair Techs In ... to direct them to where than can purchase a copy, and tell them you'll be waiting for them once they return with a valid key.

That's assuming, of course, that they don't have a valid license key sticker affixed to their PC.

One thing you definitely want to avoid is pirated software. One call can wipe you out.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Best Bet....

If they have a license sticker on the computer and the original reinstallation media, I'd use that.

If they don't have the media and can wait a few days, I would request replacement media from the manufacturer. They usually charge a minimal handling fee (around $20 or so) that is much less than purchasing a new copy of Windows at retail price.

Otherwise instruct them to purchase a new copy with a license on / in the box, and tell them to keep the receipt. If the 'new' copy doesn't validate and they can't produce the receipt, it may be pirated. In that case, strongly consider refusing to work on it. You can ruin your professional reputation in a hurry, lose access to MS resources available to legitimate repair and OEM shops, and possibly have the SPA show up at your door.

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You will need two different CDs

by NickNielsen In reply to How do PC Repair Techs In ...

One for the shrink-wrap release of Windows and one for the OEM version.

You will need these two CDs for each version of Windows you support.

If the user doesn't have a license sticker on their PC, please follow the advice already given by NotSoChiGuy and Palmetto.

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OEM Version

by mattie289404 In reply to You will need two differe ...

I don't assume anything so sometimes I sound like a doofas, but just to clarify when you say OEM version, you basically mean the stripped down no nice box with instructions and pretty wrapping correct? Just a maybe shrink wrap and a product key...

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The difference betwee shrink-wrap and OEM

by NickNielsen In reply to OEM Version

You are essentially correct. The shrink-wrap is the version you will find on the shelf at Best Buy or Walmart. The OEM is the version sold to the manufacturers and PC builders. If you buy an OEM license, you will get a manila envelope with a CD and a license sticker with a CD key on it.

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Ok Nick you got me on a roll

by mattie289404 In reply to The difference betwee shr ...

Could you point me in the direction of licensing issues.I've heard about it, I've googled it, like found a good diagnostic CD but was $499 for license to run on as many computers as wanted..But wierd as it sounds I can't find a succinct area of how operating system licensing, be able to load Windows XP, for a fee of course, on any customer who does not have a copy of product key or is that not an option? Thanks in advance...

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That is not an option.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Ok Nick you got me on a r ...

They need to purchase a license (product key).

Quite simply put, you can have copies of the installation media in every shape/form coming out of your ears and legally use them to install on as many systems as you want to (if they fit), BUT.... each installation needs its own unique installation key/license. If your customers don't have a license to USE the software that you want to put on their computer, they need to buy one.

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Well, technically,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That is not an option.... ...

Mattie can buy one, install it, and hand the license to the customer (at a profitable markup, of course).

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$499? No no no!

by NickNielsen In reply to Ok Nick you got me on a r ...

Pick up a copy of #1 Tuff Test Pro ( for $29.95. Burn it to a CD, and run it from there. Does almost everything you need it to at just over 5% of the cost.

If you want to spend the money, go for the PC Doctor Service Center ( at only $399. You get the diagnostic software, plus a hardware kit that includes power supply tester, POST card, and port loopbacks.

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Thanks to ALL

by mattie289404 In reply to $499? No no no!

Great ideas and got me in the right direction..yea the $499 was SpotMau Ultimate CD..but hand will not write on checkbook..will check out PC doc..I know you need to spend money to make money but of course want the best for the least..already got the post card and power checker but the diagnostic software is a big player appreciate it..

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