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    How do people like Windows 7?


    by 18ramsey ·

    I really haven’t heard much about Windows 7 since it’s launch. What is the general feeling? Does it crash???

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      by 18ramsey ·

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      i love it!

      by purpleskys ·

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      grant you, my computer was custom spec’ed to run it. Also keep in mind that I’ve turned off most of the bells and whistles (i’m still kinda a 2k fan at heart, but life goes on). I haven’t had any issues with crashing, hardware (except my really really old webcam), or software. It’s smooth and quick; I run Win7 Pro on an Intel quad core 2.44 w/8gig ram.
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      I have Windows 7 64 bit, and it runs very well….

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Better than Vista.
      Windows 7 64 bit is the best option if you are considering purchasing it. Mind you it depends on your system. Make sure your system can run the 64 bit software before purchase.
      To see if the 64 bit version would work on your system download a 64 bit Linux operating system like Ubuntu:

      If this runs on your system then you can purchase the 64 bit Win7 for your system.
      Make sure you have plenty of memory on your motherboard.
      But like i said as above, it will depend on your system build.

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      Hate it

      by oldbaritone ·

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      Many things are radically different from XP, even though I’m doing the same thing.

      Windows Explorer is a nightmare. If you don’t come into your own directories “the right way” (i.e. you must come through “My Documents”, and don’t you dare try starting from C:\) you get permission errors. If you want to access files in your “Application Data” or “Local Settings” folders, good luck. It’s not easy. When a file…save dialog box starts in the wrong directory, it’s a real pain to put the file where you want it to go.

      And if you want to copy or move files in one user’s area to another, security permissions will be in your way again, even if you’re logged in as Administrator.

      W7 has convinced me to start looking for computers with a “No OS Installed” option since they want extra for XP.

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      Not Impressed

      by kenone ·

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      The OS seems stable enough but I use it in a domain and it doesn’t look as if MS meant it to be used that way. I have a list of registry edits and system config settings that is now about two pages long just to get it to run so that the users can get some work done. Too many things get in the way when you try to use it right out of the box. I still can’t get it to behave properly with our proxy server.

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      x64 Windows 7 here…

      by smartacew0lf ·

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      Avid gamer as well. Absolutely love it! Hardware support is outstanding. Performance is good. Doesn’t crash any more than XP did for me.

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        Everyone i have loaded it for is fine

        by markp24 ·

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        Everyone i have migrated from XP or Vista seems to be fine with it, usually hear the Vista users say it much faster.(64 bit version for most) No compatibility issues so far. (havent had to use the windows XP compaitibility mode nor the VM)
        Me personally, I can deal with it, But i just wish MS would stop renaming and moving things in control panel, its annoying to have to keep teaching end users the same thing using a new method.

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