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How do repair boot.ini

By rick.davis ·
I get system32\ntoskrnl.exe error upon bootup

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How do repair boot.ini

by nccorthu In reply to How do repair boot.ini

That error indicates that the kernel is being corrupted. Did you load any software? add Hardware?

Try using the last good when you boot with F8 key depressed. If your getting that far that is.

Give more details on your error. When at Black Screen or Blue screen and then dumps. I kind of doubt that boot.ini is involved but its in your C directory and is a script file that directs the loader to the location of the OS.

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How do repair boot.ini

by rick.davis In reply to How do repair boot.ini

I have attempted to use the recovery cd but to no avail. Its requesting replacing the ntoskrnl.eve file. What I need is information on how to extract the file and where is it located?

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How do repair boot.ini

by dmiles In reply to How do repair boot.ini

Click Start, and then click Run.
Type msconfig, and then press ENTER.
On the General tab, click Extract File.
In the Specify the system file you would like to restore box, type drive:\windows\path\file (where drive is the drive on which the Windows folder is installed, generally drive C, path is the location in the Windows folder is the destination of the file that you are extracting, and file is the file that you want to extract).
Click Start, click Browse, and then locate the Windows installation files. If you are using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows Millennium Edition, the installation files are on the hard disk at C:\Windows\Options\Install by default. If you are using a retail full version or upgrade version, you can also insert the Windows Millennium Edition installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive, and then locate the installation files. The folder is named "Win9x". For example, if your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive is , the folder is named "D:\Win9x". For Windows 98, the folder is named \Win98.
Click OK, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

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