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    How do server rooms work and how are they connected


    by chowderrouter ·


    can someone explain to me how a server room works and how computers are connected (for example a school network system,) and where do all the eternity cables go and can someone give me a video link or a diagram of a whole system? I’m new to IT and I want to know as much as possible

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      While such is on the web.

      by rproffitt ·

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      I’ve yet to see two server rooms build and configured the same way. Or wired the same way.

      On top of that we see that more companies deploy a lot more WiFi for the office space rather than hard wire.

      And going beyond the Server area, IT now gets to setup the phones however with COVID I’m seeing companies downsize the office space and have much less call for an office server etc.

      To sum up, you have plenty of time to take classes to get into this business. It may be years before it recovers.

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      Another point

      by birdmantd ·

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      The size required for server rooms has shrunk dramatically in a relatively short period of time. In my last job, the server room when the building was built 30 years ago was at least more than a couple hundred of square feet. When my employer installed their new system, the system was based on a single computer rack/tower that could fit in a utility closet. Technology is ever changing and getting smaller as years go by.

      BTW: I think you meant to say “Ethernet” cables and not “eternity” cables. Depending on how many computers/devices are linked and the lengths required, a large organization could easily have more than a mile of cables run throughout their building.

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      How do server rooms work and how are they connected

      by marin smith ·

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      The server room is where all the computing equipment in a facility is stored and connected to the building’s power, cooling, and cabling infrastructure Servers installed in a rack generally lack a display or input device, so they are usually accessed through an administrator system outside the server room.

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      Server Rooms contain servers and depending on how big they are

      by the master2 ·

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      A series of Hub’s/Switches and whatever other devices are required things like a UPS for each server of suitable size to keep the server safe during power outages and so on.

      The servers can be a Blade with several thousand or more CPU’s in it down to a thing that looks like a Desktop depending again on what that place uses.

      Going back in time the first server room I ever saw was the one NASA used for the Moon Shot which covered acres of land and was full of mainframes that sucked electricity at an alarming rate generated enough heat to boil water at 400 feet and where costed in the Millions of Dollars per unit in them and there where hundreds.

      Today the computing power that, that place held can be held in your hand and is called a Smart Phone well actually the smart phone has much more computing power but could never be considered as a Server unless you where taking it back in time to a era that was similar to the Moon Shot or there abouts.

      But put simply a Server Room has Filtered Power some form of Temperature Control to keep the heat generated by whatever is stuffed inside to a reasonable level that keeps the hardware reliable and something to kick in when the mains power goes out that can be a Unimpeachable Power Supply all the way up to a Generator just depends on how big the place is and what it does.

      But basically a Server Room holds a Server a switch with as many ports as needed by the business so you can connect to the server and a UPS for the server and switch/s.

      It might not hold a switch depending on again how big as it may be better to run a single Ethernet Cable to a floor put a switch there and distribute from there it all depends on what is required.

      Today a Blade can do the job of many servers and they just have 2 leads that go to them one for power and one for Network. All Administrative Tasks are done from a remote workstation and other than to check if the power lead has been knocked out as the cleaner scrapes the accumulated dust off it, no one needs to go near the actual box from one month to another.

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      Intelligent Server Rooms

      by thomasoliver ·

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      Server rooms are crucial for the well-being of many businesses since they store valuable and sensitive data as well as important applications. If you want to protect your server room from overheating, you need an advanced solution that will provide maximum performance, such as a remote temperature monitoring sensor. These sensors work with the help of IoT, and they use Wi-Fi for around-the-clock synchronizing of data on the cloud.

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