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How do the Pros do Faxing?

By -TwiTch- ·
I run all I.T. for a small business. The call center has roughly 8 associates that don't want to walk over to the fax machine.

I figured setting up a simple fax server with a regular workstation +4 Fax Modems (conected to dedicated fax lines) would do the trick. I decided on "SnappyFax" to manage this task.

Also, these associates would like to send out broadcast faxes as a promotional media. SnappyFax seems to be the right choice for me.

Ok, I'm curious. This little set up should do the trick, but how do huge corporations do this? My way seems a bit tedious for a call center of 500+

How have you approached the same "Fax Server" project?

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With over 1200 users

by mjd420nova In reply to How do the Pros do Faxing ...

With that many users, it was impossible to confine them to a central location or even one program to serve them all. The corporate bigwigs decided to publish a list of acceptable fax machines and each unit would be allowed one each. At least it was confined to only five different mfgrs and the service was simple enough, just another peripheral to worry about. I have one at home, but it's just for sending out and is never on a phone line until I need to send, and then disconnected afterward. I've got enough connected to that phone line and don't need spam-fax coming in too.

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by meloao15 In reply to How do the Pros do Faxing ...

This is the software that I have used in many past installations ? it is very robust and well used in Fortune 500 and integrates with docimaging and automation/workflow systems.

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Consider the telephony side first

by dan.aronson In reply to How do the Pros do Faxing ...

There are bunches of fax server products out there, most of which work the same formula. Software for managing faxes in and out and a fax board for communicating with other fax machines/servers. However, call centers have tended to be early adopters of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) for many obvious reasons. If yours has, then you will want to look into a Fax-over-IP(FoIP)solution. They are much less expensive than fax modem-based solutions such as RightFax becuase they leverage the VoIP infrastructure from the PRI's to the desktops. Plus, the fax software should integrate with the call center system you are using so you can automate faxing out (work orders, order confirmations, etc.). The best fit for this type of environment is XMediusFAX from Sagem-Interstar ( They are the dominant market leader in FoIP having been the only real player in the market place for over 5 years.

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well thats new to me.

by -TwiTch- In reply to Consider the telephony si ...

hmm FoIP... I am definately going to take a look into that.

we currently do not utilize VoIP. we only have about 8 people in our call center right now and about 14 others in the company with phones but our system has the capability of VoIP.

How many people would you say we should have before we switch over to all VoIP and/or FoIP?

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