How do they know who i am?

By melanpython ·
I've been using (chat community) when i was bored, and have gotten into some fights with the admins cos i thought they were unfair, and i spoke my mind. Well thats beside the point, i ended up having my profile deleted and banned.

I cannot create a new profile, i get the message "User has been banned" when i try. Both my desktop and laptop get this message (they're behind the same router).

I tried connecting through a vpn, and could now create a new profile. Within a few minutes of me logging in, an admin wrote to me and said "Nice try InsertMyOldUsername" and i was instantly kicked and banned again.

I'm no computer guru, but i thought a VPN was supposed to hide my IP, and as far as i know, there should be no way for them to detect my MAC Addresses.

Can anyone tell me how they're able to know who i am? I know the VPN is on my computer, and still goes through the router, is thats what screws Things up? If i go to a site like, it correctly show the IP of the VPN.

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