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How do u design a Software?

By Tekillaah ·
Hey guys... Just wanna ask some of you about system development about your fav tools and procedures you follow in doing a development..Like how do u coose a platform, or Which OS to Use, or whats the most effective way of accomplishing a perfect software product :)

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perfect software?

by Jaqui In reply to How do u design a Softwar ...

a myth. it doesn't exist.

other than the hello world program.

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by nadasherief In reply to How do u design a Softwar ...

i'm designing an entity relationship model for a web site and i want a ready made one that can help me in some things.

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by Jaqui In reply to question

try posting detailed question here:

no details, no use asking as it's not answerable

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I use MioFactory to create my software in HTML

by contact In reply to How do u design a Softwar ...


I had to develop a software based on my web service, and first tied to do it with VB. But VB is far from HTML and it was difficult for me to "convert my knowledge" to create my software.
I discovered MioFactory from Mioplanet and now I create software with my HTML/Flash/JavaScript and PHP knowledge, and the result is perfect.

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the art of programming

by ahar In reply to How do u design a Softwar ...

There is no way to say what the perfect OS or language is. It all depends on what should be the outcoming. A good start to softwaredevelopment is e.g. XP or the german V-model. You may use enterprise products like rational rose but that depends on your task. And experience - of course - helps a lot. ;-)

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XUL rules!

by just_chilin In reply to the art of programming

If you want to build localizable, skinable, cross-platform software applications, I suggest you use mozilla's XUL framework (XPFE).
For more information goto

FireFox was developed the same way

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