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How do we connect two branches ? with and without VPN

By itguyme ·
Hi Guys,

I was doing a part time project with friends and well we have to connect two branches within Riyadh with each other over the internet i.e. they must be able to share each other's folders, local exchange 2003 mails shud reach their MsOutlook ....just like working in a LAN. I've never done this beofre so I thought I shud come here and ask for help.

We have ADSl routers in both branches, both adsl router WAn interfaces have real ip addresses. We NAT enabled but I don't know "NATing" .

Now I know this much that If these guys buy a real Ipaddress for a VPN server then we can connect the clients of the other branch to the VPN server.

We can also do a "Demand Dial Connection to connect two branches which is a feature in windows 2003 server for connecting two branches though we haven't tried it yet coz they did not purchase the real ipaddress yet.

THey wanted to ask us if we can still connect the two branches over the interet with each other having LAN functions of accessing each other's PCs WITHOUT using VPN ?

We asked guys and some said use "Add Route" command and give static routes between both routers.

Some said use port forwarding so specific type of data will be forwarded from one branch to the other.

Some said our ISP , which is Shabakahnet, should add our both private networks in his router so then we will be able to connect both branches with each other,

I udnerstand it's a bit complicated but I hope those who have experince must've known what I'm saying and where I'm going at.

Please help if someone can.

Best Regards,

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Short reply.

by stress junkie In reply to How do we connect two bra ...

Your question requires a lengthy answer to be complete. You should find a good book on TCP/IP.

As far as VPN or no VPN, I get very nervous about transmitting large amounts of confidential business information over the Internet. There are various VPN solutions. I would not be comfortable with any of them. I recommend leasing a T1 connection between the two offices. You can lease this from your telephone company. A private leased line is the most secure type of WAN. I would still employ a VPN solution over the private leased line. You can't be too careful.

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VPN over DSL

by rkuhn In reply to How do we connect two bra ...

Isn't too bad.

Our setup to small remote offices used to be using Cisco routers (1721), a Cisco switch (154 and a Cisco PIX (501e).

All are older pieces of equipment that can be purchased relatively inexpensively and you can still get maintenance for them.

We ran this setup for many years without too many hiccups.

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by itguyme In reply to VPN over DSL

thanx for your replies guys but i heard that somebody suggested me to ask ISP to provide us layer 2 connectivity. PLease if anyone know more about this in detail.

thanx in advance

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