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    How do websites verify a User is telling the truth when creating an account

    by dapilk ·


    How do websites verify whether a User is telling the truth when they create an account?

    Example: When a user fills out certain requirements to create an account such as Job title, income, qualifications, etc how does the web owner know they are telling the truth?

    Context: I am creating a website that requires the user’s skill level to be accurate, which would qualify them to be able to have access to certain features.

    What verification methods do websites use?
    How does this all work?

    Sorry if this isn’t very technically written, I am new to this world.
    Thank you

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      Generally Speaking they do not.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to How do websites verify a User is telling the truth when creating an account

      They after all rely in Honesty in most cases with very little else other than what that users Computer tells them when it connects to their Web Site.

      It will give the Hardware and OS type as well as Browser and version so if someone says for argument that they are 135 years old the system will reject that simply because no one has lived that long in recorded history .

      If they say they are 21 and give a birth Date of 1985 that will also be rejected because they can not be 21 with that Birth Date.

      As for saying that they are something like the President of the USA if their name is Donald Trump it will be accepted unless of course there is another User Account with that Name. They can rely on Computer Logic for a lot of things that are simply wrong and do nothing else about claims made by someone. As there is no way for them to work out if it is real or not and even if it is wrong it can still be that persons Opinion which they are entitled to.

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        How do websites verify a User is telling the truth when creating an account

        by dapilk ·

        In reply to Generally Speaking they do not.


        Thank you very much for your reply.

        I understand the computer logic part.
        However, how do, for example, banks verify whether a users info is accurate or not? I presume it has to do with SSN or tax ID due to the information being higher level and more secure.

        Basically, I am in the field of considering building a website with a hierarchy based around skill level, hopefully, that can help specify your answer.

        I was thinking an ever-evolving quiz but I feel users might not have the patience. Any suggests or comments?

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          Well for starters things like that are not On Line

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to How do websites verify a User is telling the truth when creating an account

          They are given prior in person and because they are important they are checked with first the person who gives them and for things like Tax the Tax Office when the bank pays any Tax on that Owners Account. In cases where the bank is directly paying Tax it’s in the Account Owners best Interests to have it right or it ends up with another person’s tax.

          Social Security is a US Thing so I have no idea but I assume that those numbers are Public Record and easily checked however they are not really important in other parts of the world as they are not used for Identification elsewhere.

          As for having Access to Tax and the like again that all depends where in the world you are but to be perfectly honest most countries tend to keep that accessibility tightly controlled so lest say you are in Australia the Tax Office doesn’t give anyone Open Slather to Tax Numbers most places will never get access and of those that do they only get access because they are paying Tax for People.

          So while it is a Government Thing no one except Business Paying Tax for employees or investors get any access and even then it is limited to a pay in access with no ability to check anything other than that the number that they are using actually exists. They can not however check who is connected to that Number. Even if the number doesn’t exist there are only two things that happen the Access Gate that the companies are paying in through will not accept the number if it doesn’t actually exist or it will go to the wrong persons account at the Tax Office with no way for those paying in to know if it has gone to the correct location.

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