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How do you become an engineer consultant

By xicxi ·
To all:

I was wondering if anyone out there has any information, or know anything about becoming an engineer consultant. Although, I researched this area alot, i was not able to find any responses nor ideas on how or where do you look for information on becoming an engineer consultant.

I believed you first start by getting your PE and have some experienced ( I am sure that will be very helpful ) Can anyone give me some ideas on how to start or where should i look for information, any books maybe?

Im currently working in the aerospace industry as a design engineer. I have my bachelors in chemistry and mechanical engineer, and working on my MBA.

any suggestions, ideas, directions..will be greatly appreciated.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do you become an engi ...

My best advice is Quite Now while you are ahead. Being a Mech Engineer who was consulting for a company once it's easy to see just how much money they made off my labour and just how quickly they cut me loose when I expressed an interested in not being available 24/7/356 for travel anywhere. I never knew where I would be from one day to the next and always had a packed suitcase standing buy for a unexpected trip to a job On Site.

These places chew you up & spit you out at their convenience sure they where paying me $150.00 Per Hour but they where charging $15,000.00 per hour for my time + Expenses and you could go from a Race Car to some massive Rock Crushing Equipment the next day. It's hard work to work out a fix for some type of machine that you've never seen previously and where down time is measured in the Millions per Hour so there is a rush to get things done quickly.

Mind you having said that IT isn't much better about the only + is that if you mess up you are unlikely to kill someone. :)


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