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How do you become networking consultant?

By max98037 ·
I am in the middle of getting my Associates degree in Networking and have been giving a lot of thought to doing consultant work after graduating.
How do you become a Networking consultant? What kind of education would I need? Is it a good place to start out in?
I have heard that salaries are really good in consulting and that it is a great way to get experience, but I'm having some difficulty getting information about it.
Any advice from anyone who knows anything about this would really be usefull for me. THANX!!

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by nawab_iop In reply to How do you become network ...

Yes, its a get job but of table work, what you gain is theoritical experience not practical. Yes pay is good too. Cisco is great going today, and if you want to go for Cisco you should start preparing for CCDA Exam. Or if you go toward cabling go for Lucent. For any other information contact me at

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by tom.long In reply to How do you become network ...

Typically, consulting is an independent position, self-employed arrangement whereby your years of experience have elevated you to consultancy status. However, in the modern economy, anyone with tech/sale background can engineer their own course. My read on IT, with 12 years under my belt, is that consultancy if very underated. If you are good, you can save IT department 10 of thousands of dollar. Start advertising yourself with phone call to IT departments and brag. And remember, if you don't toot your own horn, somebody might use it as a spitoon! Best regards, Tom

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Side Jobs.

by admin In reply to How do you become network ...

I have a few friends here (3 are full-time consultants and the rest extra buck guys like me) and we all got into it because people kept asking us to do side jobs and offered to pay us.

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Start with a "real" job

by James R Linn In reply to How do you become network ...

Find a job with a company where you can get some practical experience. Hopefully you can find one that is in an expansion phase, where you will get to work with new and interesting hardware, and help design new networks.

Once you have a couple ofmajor accomplishments under your belt, you can think about going independant.

Thats how I began.

But its not for everyone. After years of being an independant I got married and need more stability and benefits as opposed to just wads of cash.I went back to work at large corporation.


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