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How do you clean your DataCenters

By cbraatz ·
Just wondering how everyone cleans their DataCenters. Vacuums and Swifters?
What are your suggestions

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Clean Data Centers

by BFilmFan In reply to How do you clean your Dat ...

The first recommendation is to hire a cleaning organization to do the work and not waste valuable IT time and resources on duties that a janitor can do.

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Still doesn't answer the question

by cbraatz In reply to Clean Data Centers

Not that it matters to me who cleans it, I am all for having a cleaning crew come in, if we can get security clearances for everyone.
But the question is, how to clean it. Best I can see is one of those whole house vacuum systems, where the vacuum itself can be located outside the data center. You just plug the hose into an inlet and get all you can reach, then move onto the next inlet.
What do you use?

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by rhonda.russ In reply to Still doesn't answer the ...

The cleaning crew (escorted by an Operator) uses a broom/vacuum. It doesn't take that long. I guess it depends on the size of your data center.

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So you're saying that the pressure-washer was a Bad idea?

by robo_dev In reply to How do you clean your Dat ...
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Hire a crew

by Dr Dij In reply to How do you clean your Dat ...

with as little knowledge of how to clean around machines as possible.

Don't bother to tell them not to plug the vac into outlets on the UPS.

they should unplug servers if they need to plug the vac.

They can be given a key to secure areas that even some C level execs don't have pass cards to.

If they come in on Saturday when no one else is in the plant, and no security present, encourage them to leave the outside door into the plant unlocked, or even better open when they are not near the door, to make it easier for them to get needed gear once an hour or so.

They should use damp dirty towels on all monitor screens.

Don't bother to check their background in case they are spies working for your competitors with mini USB drives to grab your data.

I'm sure there's more..

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