How do you combine multiple Word documents using MS Word 2010?

By jcj111 ·
I found it difficult to believe that there is no simple method for combining multiple MS Word documents into a single Word document using MS 2010. This would appear to be a fundamental requirement for a word processing package. Requiring end users to develop VBA macros to perform this function is incredibly shallow of Microsoft.

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I'm not sure that I really follow you here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do you combine multip ...

What exactly is it you want to achieve here?

Also you need to remember that Microsoft has never claimed to make Great Software just usable software that is Good Enough to be usable.

Perhaps you would like to tell us what Word Processor has the ability to do what you want and then we can tell you if Word has a Similar Ability. Things like Make it Fit which has been available in Word Perfect for many years is just a recent addition to M$ Word however if that is of any help.

Also Word Processors where never designed for massive Documents they where designed for relatively small Documents ranging from less than 1 page to maybe a Hundred or so. If you are attempting to produce something bigger you should use something different but as many people have a Word Processor they just accept the limitations and put up with the poor performance when they start to exceed it's capabilities. After all in the short term it's much cheaper than switching to another piece of software and the reality is that most of those pieces of software have now disappeared owing to very poor sales.


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by dogknees In reply to How do you combine multip ...

Master documents have been around since at least Word 95. Have a look at this link.

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Reponse To Answer

by moikwe In reply to Simple

TQVM. It was a really helpful for me.

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joining word documents

by computaquark In reply to How do you combine multip ...

Try converting each word document to pdf format. Then search for pdf merge and join them together as a single document.

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Combine Word Documents

by Salgoth In reply to How do you combine multip ...

The feature IS there already. Go to the "Review" tab > Click the carrot under "Compare" > Click "Combine" > Choose your documents then click "OK". The only downside is you can only do two documents at a time.

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Reponse To Answer

by pvsutton In reply to Combine Word Documents

I think that this combine is designed to "combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document," (to quote the tooltip) rather than put one document after another into a single combined text.

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Combining two Word documents

by jk20092010 In reply to How do you combine multip ...

Combining two Word documents is very simple. Follow procedure described in following article:

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inserting multiple documents into 1 single document

by lovesallanimals In reply to How do you combine multip ...

Go to the Insert tab, click on the arrow next to Object and choose "text from file". This will allow you to combine multiple documents into one document.

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Merge Multiple Word Documents into Single Word File

by williamword In reply to How do you combine multip ...

Merge multiple word files/documents into single word file without any alteration in your previous word documents.

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