how do you configure 2 routers to use both wireless

By kid091 ·
I have 2 routers both D-Link one is a DIR-615 and a WBR-2310 and I want to be able to use the wireless on the 2nd one without running a wire to it, is it possible, I'm running windows 7 pro on 2 desktops & xp pro on 2 laptops

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this can be done

by .Martin. In reply to how do you configure 2 ro ...

with any two routers, over an Ethernet cable.

as for connecting two wireless routers wirelessly, <b>both</b> the routers will need to support wireless bridging or wireless repeating (name varies depending on company of router).

unfortunately your routers do not support this feature.

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by .Martin. In reply to this can be done
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It can be done

by ab1986b In reply to how do you configure 2 ro ...

The thing you asked is possible, however for the configuration of 2nd router, you need to connect it via cable for one time at least. While configuring enable its wireless functionality as well. Once configured, you will be able to use your 2nd router without cable as well.


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could you give me step by step

by kid091 In reply to It can be done

I've been trying for a long time to try and do this and just not doing something right. I'm able to see it but cannot connect to it any charts or step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.

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by ab1986b In reply to could you give me step by ...

Is any of the router is working now on cable ?

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only one

by kid091 In reply to re

yes one is connected with network cable all the other 4 are wireless

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by ab1986b In reply to only one

Connect the second router to pc as well with network cable. Go in its configuration mode as the router will by default act default gateway. So, to open the configuration window you need to type ur default gateway in OE address bar. Once u will get the conf. window u can enable wireless on this router and dont make it server

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