How do you connect multiple offsite VPS's with active directory...

By David A. Moore II ·
I'm posting this question for my fiance... she's off on the MS websites looking for the answer, I thought I'd post it here too. Thanks in advance.

"Hi everyone,

I hope someone can assist me. I am trying to install AD DS on my development environment. This is the first time I have set up my own network so I am a little lost in some areas.

I have 5 VPS's. 3 are on the same node, 1 on a different node and 1 in a completely different data-center (same company).

I think my problem is I need an "ah ha" moment with a big light bulb rendered above my head. I believe the frustration is centered around DNS. I have been able to successfully install DNS Role, create name servers then at my registrar (goDaddy) add my host ips and point the domain to my name servers. All is well on that front. This is where my knowledge on DNS ends.

I was able to install AD DS on one of the VPS's as the first Domain Controller, create my first forest, added myself as a user assign myself to a group just the simple stuff. This is where my journey ends and my frustration begins.

What am I missing?What are the next steps? I need to add the other VPS's. I figure I don't need but 2 DC as my network isn't large at this time. I decided to have the second DC on the VPS that in at the second data center. Should that one be a RODC?

Also, my VPS's are assigned to WORKGROUP instead of a domain (except of course the domain controller) Should I change all other VPSs to also reflect as part of the domain?

Can anyone help me? Believe me I have read and re-read but as I said I am just missing something. I could actually pay someone to do it for me, but that kind of defeats the purpose of going with the unmanaged services in order to learn and understand all that goes into creating and managing a network.

I have been a long time database programmer/administrator (remember SQL7?) but never had to deal with the network side of things, let alone having the servers hosted else where, I was always given the server with a clean install of windows already added to AD (after Win2k)- I have been spoiled and I really regret not taking advantage of brains of my wonderful network administrators.

All VPS's are running Windows 2008 r2 Standard edition.

Thank you everyone, any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated!"

- Christi (my fiance)


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by David A. Moore II In reply to How do you connect multip ...

Ok... she figured it out last night (there was a problem with the SRV file creation in DNS the first time she installed AD; a re-installation did the trick) and she set the primary DNS IP in the TCP/IP settings of the workgroup (actually she changed it to a domain; *NOTE... leave off the .com, .net, extension etc. from the domain name).

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