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How do you enabe a "listening" port?

By D9412 ·
I recently installed a Client application on an XP Dell laptop that communicates to a database on a remote server. The tech support people with the software company tell me that there application requires that there should be at least two random ports above the "5000" range enabled on the computer for proper communication. When I do a "netstat /a /n", I only see 8 ports listening up to port 5000 but nothing past it. The tech support people faxed me documentation to hack the registry to make this happen, but who wants to mess with that? Is there an easier way to accomplish this or can someone point me to some articles that would better help me?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to How do you enabe a "liste ...

Ok, applications open ports and keep them open, keep them in a "listening" state. The OS does this with several of its functions (usually running as Services, under the now-famous SVCHOST.EXE application).
Any port that is listening will accept inbound connections, and currently does not have a connection established (which is when ports are in Established mode).
Now, I am unclear on what exactly you are trying to do. Do you need the high-number of open ports (that are Listening) on the database server, or on your XP laptop?
If it is the XP laptop, then you would need to modify the "Client Application" to do this. So, maybe the Registry changes they sent you will do this.
So, a little more info would be useful.

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by RDGO_Tech In reply to How do you enabe a "liste ...

I agree with JOSEPH!
Are you trying to use a file-sharing program?
If this is for a Company software application, can the IT Team identify those ports you would need to use? If so, then do you have a Router in play for firewall security issues? Is this part of a VPN environment? If you know the ports required, or at least the ranging therein, then see if applying "port triggers" or "port forwarding", or if the Router has the ability like some of the newer ones do - then setup access thru its Virtual Server environment. Let us know more info and we might be able to advise in a clearer response. We would need to know if it uses TCP, or UDP, etc!

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by D9412 In reply to How do you enabe a "liste ...

In response to your questions, there is no firewall or security applications that would prevent any ports from being available. This application software is not being used for vpn or file sharing.

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by CG IT In reply to How do you enabe a "liste ...

Joseph & RPGO are right.

From your comments that there isn't any firewall or security programs closing ports, then the bloody program should open the ports it needs and keep em open.

sounds like the program isn't working properly in opening up ports it needs for functionality. If the program opens up the port and there's nothing on the box or in the network that would prohibit those ports from opening , then as I said before and Joseph and RPGO has said, the bloody thing should work.

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