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How do you feel about the security of IoT devices in homes?

By connorpalmer16 ·
Many IoT (Internet of Things) devices have been emerging in recent years and are building a reputation as people automate their homes, however, many people still have conflicting thoughts about them.
Some of you are aware and others may not be, but IoT devices are devices that have the ability to automate systems for us and help us with our day to day tasks, and include everything from Alexa, fridges, video door bells, light bulbs, and even home heating systems that are connected on to your home network.

Many people have raised concerns with the security of these devices as many are low-tech, and are implemented into their user’s home networks, although they're extremely common in today's times and frequently used by those of an I.T background, and from those who aren't.

How much importance do you place in the security of these devices, and do you consider it when purchasing them for your home?

This work is for a student project for the University of South Wales, any comments and insights would be very helpful, excited what you all have to think on the subject!

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This is entirely subjective

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do you feel about the ...

Many people like the convenience of IoT Devices none of which where subject to even the most basic security thoughts when they where designed.

Others seem to think that they are a Open Attack Vector into your home and render any insurance you may have for thieft unclaimable because you are basically leaving the door open with a sign on the footpath telling anyone who walks past to help themselves to everything you own.

The simple fact of life though is if they connect to a WiFi system and that is how you have to connect them they are an Open Attack Vector that is impossible to plug and depending on who you insure through may wipe any insurance you have.

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Security of IoT Devices in Homes

by ubibotuk In reply to How do you feel about the ...

The Internet of Things is designed to make our lives more convenient. Privacy is the disadvantage of IoT devices. Smartphones do play a large role in the IoT, however, because many IoT devices can be controlled through an app on a smartphone. The network is the most important component of your smart home system since it connects all devices.

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IoT Security

by smithnennry123 In reply to How do you feel about the ...

Technology has developed in the past few decades. IoT is one of the leading technology which is used everywhere. IoT has a privacy issue in the devices, to solve this issue AI technology is now used.

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IoT Devices Security

by pooja1588142131 In reply to How do you feel about the ...

IoT devices are beneficial and one thing that needs to be realized is that they are formed by connecting things, and many times while designing these things security is overlooked because their purpose did not need it. But the IoT offers ease of connectivity, and also different attack surfaces to hackers within the system. When the number of endpoints increases within these systems, there is an exponential increase in the amount of confidential data flowing within this system, and then there is a necessity for the security of an IoT infrastructure.

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IOT devices

IoT security includes both physical device security and network security, encompassing the processes, technologies, and measures necessary to protect IoT devices as well as the networks they're connected to. Communication attacks, which put the data transmitted between IoT devices and servers at risk.
more connected home makes your life easier. But with increased internet-based convenience comes an increased risk of becoming the target of cyberpunks. These hackers can steal and misuse your personal information and banking details, and even take control of those smart cameras or microphones to spy on you.

In other words, if you own smart devices such as smart speakers, TVs, thermostats, fridges, security cameras, and whatnot, your privacy and security could be at stake. Because, in essence, these are multiple entry points with rickety security that could leave you prone to attacks.

So, long story short, if you’re investing dough in setting up a smart home, you must also invest some time and energy in securing it.

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Internet Security

by talhaaxhar34 In reply to How do you feel about the ...

These Instruments are highly efficient but they can be manipulated and one of the biggest problem is that if you are not an IT person you cannot even recognize that it's been defected so it's sort of risky.
Thanks and have a nice day.

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