How do you Find LAN Setting Code

By kingsley_nwzz ·
I am trying to get to some certain websites, but Dekalb County blocks it with their LAN settings using the Webwasher program. Can anyone figure out how to find out the LAN settings so I can change them. If you do figure out how to change them, please post how you did it.

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Not here

by retro77 In reply to How do you Find LAN Setti ...

Your not going to get any help in bypassing security here. Try a hacker forum.

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Hold on

by Fred123456 In reply to How do you Find LAN Setti ...

Your the IT Department Manager and your asking how to get around a web washer app?

Smelly cheeze...

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by Bizzo In reply to How do you Find LAN Setti ...

If you're the IT deparmnet manager, as your job title suggests you are, then just ask your IT staff to remove the restrictions on your machine!

Alternatively, if there is a genuine reason why you need access to certain sites, then your IT dept should be able to unblock that site.

If none of this is the case, then I'm afraid you will not get any information from this site regarding bypassing security.

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This sounds like a case for Walter Mitty . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do you Find LAN Setti ...

He always imagined he could do anything.

Mind you, HE was a character in a children's story - not an IT Department Manager!

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