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How do you find the best charities? My answer:

By maxwell edison ·
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How much of the money that you donate to your favorite charity do you think actually goes to the causes the charity exists to serve? How much is gobbled up by administrative and fundraiser costs? The answers to both questions runs the gamut from the high 90s percent to the low single digits.

This is a great source to find those answers, as well as other information about them.

I'm happy to see that one of the favorite charities around the TR water cooler, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is a four star organization (out of four possible stars), with a very high efficiency rating.

I'm sad to see, however, how many others are two, one, or no stars, with upwards of 95 percent of the monies raised going to administrative and fund raising costs. Those aren't charities at all; they're rip-off houses.

I'm usually not one to recommend Web sites - except, of course, TechRepublic - but this one might be of interest to some of you.

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Thanks Max.... great site...

by CG IT In reply to How do you find the best ...

I don't want my money to go to pay someone's salary.

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Thanks, Max

by NickNielsen In reply to How do you find the best ...

I've been using the Better Business Bureau listing at

The listings are voluntary and are formatted somewhat differently, but if the organization is a BBB seal holder, you can be fairly certain that the majority of money goes to programs.

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Good stuff

by JamesRL In reply to How do you find the best ...

I'm now very careful about charities, having seen and heard some things. I never ever give to people off the street knocking at my door. I've already given to ones I know.


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Thanks Max, a great site and interesting information , now if I

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How do you find the best ...

can only find an Australian equivalent - I'll look.

I tend to give direct to local charities now days, and a few, like the Royal Blind Society, who I've had personal contact with.

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Thanks for the info

by AV . In reply to How do you find the best ...

You can't be too careful with charities nowadays. I'm generally distrustful of many of them and especially the ones that set up shop outside a store or supermarket asking for money.

I was happy to see that 2 of my favorites, Susan B. Komen and Doctors without Borders have 4 star ratings.


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