How do you gain experience as a c# developer in a bad economy

By akabmbenza ·
I have an engineering degree, and an MBA in management. I tried to move toward software development, and got a software development degree. It seems even harder to find something then ever. Any idea on how I can get some experience in the field. Every one wants 2 to 3 years experience.

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Try not to look at the TOP rung of the ladder...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to How do you gain experienc ...

It is too far for you (at the moment).
Go for the jobs that you know you can do and work your way up the ladder slowly. That way you will get the experience and expertise that you need.
Hope it works out ok for you in the end. Just keep looking, in the end you will get there, it just takes time.
If you need a time frame, it has taken me near on 15 years to gather up the info that i need for my job (my own business) and that includes soldering components onto motherboards because some people do not want to buy new motherboards. Talk about a slow economy. :)
Good luck to you.

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Strange career path...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How do you gain experienc ...

That two - three years is to cut down the number of applicants, because there are lot of experienced and out of work types about.
You should be leaning on the MBA/engineering with the software as a bonus. ie domain knowledge / theory

You've done a couple things wrong here.
Limiting yourself to one language is not a good idea.
If you want to get a career in software development, you need to be gaining experince while studying. (e.g voluntary work, campus, open source, freelancing, internship etc.
I'm afrai you'd look like a rudderless career student to me if I saw your resume and that would put me off big style.

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How long until you change direction again ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do you gain experienc ...

That's what will be going through the minds of potential employers.

So far, you've spent a whacking great chunk of your life sat on your arse doing the only thing you can prove you're any good at - passing academic examinations.

Maybe you should try education, you've certainly got the experience for that.

Meanwhile I'd try to cut down on the salacious aspect of your past years by perhaps being economical with the truth for future applications.

Try applying for posts that ONLY require one degree, by only mentioning one degree. Not every employer requires BRAINIAC as there next recruit.


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