how do you get a dual nic SBS2003 servr and dhcp router to play nice

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i don't have much windows server experience and this job i started not one person has a password to anything i've been able to hold my own untill stumbling upon this sbs 2003 problem i have a router westell D90-327W15-06 it was locked down with the ip address scheme of 192.168.1.x sbs 2003 server was on dual nic setup supporting 10 workstations on the LAN NIC through a switch with dhcp installed on the server and wifi access points i had to reset the modem/router because the last contracted IT person did not divulge any passwords once the router was reset the sbs2003 box seen the router as a rogue dhcp server shut off its dhcp server and i had to set all my clients as static and lost wifi access to the network because i was using the dhcp server from sbs 2003 i had another network running from the router as well (when i connected my laptop to the westell router after finding it it did have dhcp on and assigned me an ip) since fixing the main network for the corperate office by disabling dhcp on the router i've lost wifi for the 192.168.x.x network off the westell's dhcp they all need to be set static and wireless all machines get a 169.x.x.x address with no internet connectivity is there any way to make the wan NIC not sense the DHCP server for the LAN nic which is set dhcp with a scope of 10.0.0.x

the setup is as follows westell adsl modem -> switch -> (learning center network jacks) & hardwire to SBS2003 WAN nic (static then SBS2003 LAN NIC -> switch -> 10 workstations and 1 linksys wirless router in bridge mode

the only changes i made to the server was to add vpn support but from what i seen it had always ben a dns server

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