How do you get around a criminal background in I.T. ?

By dseldon ·
I have the necessary experience and skills to make it in I.T. and I have worked on projects at several government sites through contractors that have over looked my past,on the other hand most companies tell me no because of my criminal past which is 6 years old. They like my I.T. experience but my background is what they don't like. What can you suggest ?

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Depends on the background

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do you get around a c ...

Was it misdemeanor or felony?

If it was theft, fraud etc, you may as well kiss most opportunities goodbye. It really depends on what type of crime was committed, and where you are looking for employment (type of work, such as health care, banking, etc).

Are you willing to share the type of crime committed? This will help us tell you what to expect.

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Change states?

by DMambo In reply to How do you get around a c ...

I know that some organizations check only records in the states where they do business. It's a cost issue. Try looking for work in a state other than the one you were convicted in.

If you've reformed, then I wish you good luck.

Edit: Don't lie about it!

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Echo - Don't Lie About It

by abm99 In reply to Change states?

They will find out if you lie and will fire you because you lied.

The best way is to come in as a consultant and prove your value to them. Let it be known to someone you trust in power that you have a checkered past but have moved on. Demonstrate that you've taken anger management or have had some form of therapy. Do community work. The Red Cross always needs drivers.

Another thing to do is try to get the conviction removed from your record. Way too complicated to explain here, but google "wobblers", "california set aside guilty plea" and getting convictions sealed.

Keep your nose clean. Don't do ANYTHING illegal; don't even smoke a little dope. Don't drink; be the designated driver in your office.

Good luck. Be honest. Do a better job than your competion. And stay straight....

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Sound advice right there

by NexS In reply to Echo - Don't Lie About It

Abm99 said it! There's no way to prove you've decided to reform than to prove it by example.
The only way to make is to really want to.

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