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how do you get rid of a virus

By bnbobj ·
My problem is that I can't get my home or welcome page to pop up. Instead this page called keeps poping up. I tried going to tools, then internet options to change the home page, but it doesn't work. Somebody told me that I probably have a virus. What can I do?

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

Sounds more like spy ware. Try downloading Ad-Aware. I don't have the website for it, but just do a web search on the name. This will most likely take care of your problem.

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by Oz_Media In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

Sounds like you've been hijacked. It's the most common nuisance since the virus was created.

ADAWARE is a tart and will help keep your Ads and other pop ups to a minimum, it also removes tracking cookies that slow systems down considerably.
ADAWARE is FREE and can be downloaded here;

You browser hijack, first how to prevent further hijacks. I use IE SpyAd which just adds the main iffenders to you blocked certificates list in the IE setings, this way you don't have to adjust your security settings but will block the main offenders from doing this as they will be blacklisted by your browser.

IE Spy Ad is FREE and can be downloaded here: (just scroll down the page to find it).

Furthermore: You may want to use AVG anti virus, it is free, resourcefull and again FREE.
It outperforms most end user AV software that cost up to $100.00, did I mention FREE?
(it will scan all incoming and outgoing mail and tag mail with a certified by AVG tag so if people get viruses they don't look at you as the cause.)

Another good Broweser Hijack tool that informs you of potential hijacks is Browser Hijack Blaster (very popular),

Betweemn all these tools, you can also find out more about hijacks by searching for Browser Hijack this will give you some sites with full explanations of hijacking, how it occurs and how to prevent it. They generally suggest the above software for prevention and removal though so you can save time if you're not interested in the details.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

When I say Adaware is a 'tart' that's a typo, I'm not sure what I meant (treat, test ? but NOT tart). Sorry, for all my typo's I am letting my resolution slide already.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

For the post below (#3) are you implying that Norton ($100.00 Canadian) is better than AVg for free? If so, why are there more system errors, and incompativility problems with Norton and they find the exact same results of a scan.

I have removed NAV so many times from buggy PC's with AVG resolving all issues.

Just because some software is popular enough to be mass maeketed, doesn't mean it is better or even mre effective than the free software.

If you only get what you pay for, perhaps you could explain Windows vs Linux? Windoze is sheer garbage (every f;avour) Linux is the most stable and widely used NOS's created, do you think your ISP is using Windoze? (If so, find a new ISP)

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by bchesmer In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

I agree with answer #1, but I would use "Spybot", or try both. If neither finds anything, or if they do find something & it does not solve the problem, I would then get a good AV package installed.

You can get spybot here;

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by bchesmer In reply to

Also, what he said in answer #2 about the AV package. It does work well, but remember, you get what you pay for!

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by watupevrybody In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

1. First of all you should have some type of virus protection software, there are tons to choose from. I'd recommend Norton since it's so widely used.

2. If your trying to designate a specific home page this is how you do it. In my case i'm running Internet explorer 6.0, so all I have to do is

a. open internet browser
b. click on the tools tab
c. click on Internet options
d. enter the correct address of the page I want designated within the Home Page text box.

e. click apply


Be sure to type on the address correctly, if not it will revert back to that last page your visited.

Hope this helps.

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by lmayeda In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

I've seen this type of spyware on several PCs and have used Adaware to help to delete them. It sometimes takes several passes and on top of that I've had to go to the registry to do further cleaning (otherwise it just re-inserts itself). When you run Adaware or Spybot, note the applications that are noted as MALWARE. If you are comfortable working with the registry, go to the HKLM, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, Run and look for any of these executables that starts when you boot up ... and delete them. I generally do a search on the internet for the executables to verify that they are spyware before deleting them. Hope this helps.

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by Smeglor In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

I had the same problem that was not picked up by spyware. Its called CWShredder and it checks your registry for these exploits. Download at Also make sure you click on updates to get the latest version.

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by deangk In reply to how do you get rid of a v ...

CWSHREDDER works, when you use this shredder pay attention to the screen changes I had to run it 2 times including re-boots before it finally cleaned the registry. IT WORKS.

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