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How do you get work.

By andrew.mizzi ·
Hi Guys.

Just wondering how you guys out there, mostly the freelance ones get your consulting work.

I'm based primarily just on networking and sales leads from vendors, but what else could I be doing?

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Couple of ways

by LordInfidel In reply to How do you get work.

Even though I am the head geek at a lg company, I also do side jobs.

Basically every client I have gotten has either been thru word of mouth or by me over hearing a conversation and offering friendly advice.

Or by people approaching me as I ameating lunch reading. (I normally wear some fuct up comp t-shirt reading some sort of security/routing/protocol book)

But mostly word of mouth.

I doubt this helps any. I have found though that most companies will not call someone out of the blue, but will ask their friends who they use.

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Out of the blue calls.

by Tim Heard In reply to Couple of ways

I call a lot of people out of the blue, but it has to be clear from an online resume that you have the skills my client is seeking. - Generally they're not working through me if it's an easy position to fill.

My advice is that you blanket the internet with copies of your resume, and be sure to send out resumes to chambers of commerce in the cities where you would like to work. They will often distribute copies on your behalf to all of their members via email.

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Going in the side door

by PMPsicle In reply to How do you get work.

One of the methods I've found works is to contact other consultants with complementary skills. This works best if you have a unique or different skill. For example, I'm a project manager so I might contact consulting organizations where I know they are all programmers. My skills might just allow them to bid and win a full development project (not to mention actually make money at it), whereas they might not be considered or able to bid on that type of project without me.

Of course there's also the old broker route.

Glen Ford
Can Da Software
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