How do you handle call logging in high call volume situations like outages?

By choffman123 ·
We have a couple of different support teams. A service desk that, for now, is mostly just logging calls and assigning them due to call volume situations. Our current software solution has a global issue option to relate global issues to a single ticket. These other tickets also show up in queue with the original ticket for the assigned team. One of the teams that have common global issues doesn?t want to see the other related tickets? I wanted to see what some others do in these situations.

We have 4000+ users and 4 techs on during normal business hours.

1. Do you log all your calls in a large outage high volume situation?
2. Would you want access to all related tickets perhaps to look for more information?

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all call MUST be logged.

by Daygo In reply to How do you handle call lo ...

All calls must be logged! This is a must. Now I have had situations where things were coming so fast and furious that we had to "temporarily" write down and pertinent information while calming the storm. But these calls must be entered into your call center program before the end of the day.

If you find your self constantly writing instead of using the call center program, then you have to revise your workflow.

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Not necessarily

by JamesRL In reply to all call MUST be logged.

I've seen help desks that display major outages on an LED signboard everyone can see, and if the call is regarding an outage that is already logged, they simply give the caller the main case number and explain how they can get updates. We also used to force users to listen to the annoucements first before getting to a help desk agent, and thats where we would first update the case - for example data centre power outage, case #123456, as of 10 am expected ETA is noon. That diverts alot of needless calls from the call centre.


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If it was an outage

by IC-IT In reply to How do you handle call lo ...

(and this depends upon how **** retentive your supervisors are) I would like to have a SOP in place that allows one to document the number of calls received into one ticket.

EX: Received 34 calls that the computers in the E bldg are not functioning due to a loss of power.

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by shasca In reply to If it was an outage

What value do you see in a ticket that had 34 people call in and complain about a known issue? (If this is your opinion)

We put a global message on the phones when we have any kind of outage that affects more than just the main office. It seems more of a waste to have someone sit and answer the same query dozens of times. We still man the phones 7 days a week from 6-8, but think that those that have other real issue also will have a better chance to get through.

Not picking a fight just interested in the otherside of this issue.

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by IC-IT In reply to Interesting

I don't see the value, but that is a requirement here that senior management wont let go of. We have a seperate office that handles the incoming calls. When we are aware of outage situations we do a quick conference call to key centers and ask them to brief their personnel.
Sometimes the call center actually gets to update their phone message before the situation is resolved.

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