How do you handle Responsibility Drift in your organization?

By egermain ·
As new technology pervades all departments within an organization, there is a tendency for non-technical managers to resist owning processes related to their own department on the grounds that it has a technical component and should therefore be an IT responsibility. For example, IT introduces a way to automate data cleansing - the Data Entry manager now believes IT should be responsible for the correctness of their data. Or a new feature is introduced on the company web site - the Customer Service manager now wants to defer customer questions to IT. Have you experienced this in your organization? How do you handle and/or prevent responsibility drift?

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Try reposting as a Discussion.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How do you handle Respons ...

Try reposting your question using the 'Start a Discussion' button. While you clearly have a question, it's more of a managerial one than of a technical nature. You may have better luck in that forum.

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Good call

by egermain In reply to Try reposting as a Discus ...

I realized right away I posted it in the wrong area. I tried to re-post as a discussion but it refused, siting duplicate post. Fail. I will try again.

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I don't

by Kenone In reply to How do you handle Respons ...

That's no me job, you'll have to speak to HR.

I crack myself up.

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