How do you install a backup device on a server

By mshiniwam ·
I want to install a backup device on one of our servers. I am not familiar with the technicalities involved.

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Depends on device type (and server model)

by TobiF In reply to How do you install a back ...

If you've already bought your "backup device" then check the manual (or call the guy who sold you it).

If you've not bought this device yet, then this would be one of your good questions to the sales people while you're in the process of selecting type of device and vendor.

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It might be helpful to mention

by robo_dev In reply to Depends on device type (a ...

What type of server (e.g. IBM Mainframe, Sun Solaris, Windows)

and possibly, what 'backup device':

(e.g. DVD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, 8mm tape drive, etc)

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This all depends on the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do you install a back ...

Type of server that you have and the Backup Device that you want to fit.

The User Manuals are always a good starting point but you need to buy something that suits your Server. For Instance a SCSI DAT Drive will not suit a server without a existing SCSI Interface.


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