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How do you keep informed of technology?

By rbxmen ·
I want to keep abreast of technology at a project managers level. What are other companies using for development languages, what vendor systems are they buying and why?

I have the time to read an article a day. Do you have any suggestions for a source?

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Chauffeurs and reading

by generalist In reply to How do you keep informed ...

Personally I use a 'chauffeur' while going to and from work so I end up with an hour and a half of reading time at both ends of the day. The morning reading helps me ramp up for the job. The evening reading helps me wind down.

The biggest problem with the 'chauffeur' is that he, or she, keeps picking up other people as we travel. But I guess that is okay since the 'chauffeur' is a bus driver.

If YOUR conditions are right, you might be able to make the transit option work. While the time in motion may be longer, you can use that time to keep abreast of technology.

Or you can use it to relax if that is what you need.

Seriously consider it, even if you have to do a split trip of driving and transit. And remember, you don't have to give up your car just because you use transit. All you have to do is choose to take another path to and from work.

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