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    How do you make an old hdd from another MB boot on a new MB?


    by rhargett ·

    I have a 80 gig hdd, WinXP Pro SP2. I filled it up, so I was going to upgrade to a new HDD. Well, I ended up getting a whole new MB, too. I took out old MB, replaced with new one. I swapped out memory, processor, and video card for it. I forgot to move the data over to the new one BEFORE this happened. So, I put the old HDD in a USB enclosure (IDE). New HDD (SATA). Works great EXCEPT some of the files are green and that means ENCRYPTED. How can I get this external HDD (Old HDD) to boot on this new MB without rebuilding the old MB?

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      by rhargett ·

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      Well if you didn’t follow the Makers of the Encryption Software Directions

      by oh smeg ·

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      The simple answer is [b]You Can’t![/b]

      Sorry but the entire idea of Encrypting Files is to prevent the easy access to them. They need to be backed up unencrypted and then you can recover from your Backup or if you back them up Encrypted and are now using the same OS you need to backup the Files & Encryption Key then transfer them to the New OS Mount the Encryption Key copy your Files Across and then you can read them.

      If you have not followed the Directions for the Encryption Software you need to restore the Old Computer boot it up and either save the Files Unencrypted, or Remove the Encryption so that they can be accessed by another Computer running a Different OS even if it is the same one as you had previously it is a different Install and no longer has the Ability to read Encrypted Files.

      If you try to Rebuild Windows for a New M’Board this will Destroy the Encryption Key and your Data will be unreadable. If it is Important you will then need to pay a Data recovery House Thousand of $ so you can access your Files again. Any attempt to make the Old HDD boot with the New M’Board will result int he destruction of the Encryption Key and the permanent loss of Data.


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      Or to save yourself some hassle …

      by older mycroft ·

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      You could always build another computer out of all the old bits that are now lying around, then connect the old hard drive again. All you’d need would be a power supply really with a nice big desk/table/workbench to put it on. Or get an old case for it and sling the bits in there.

      After all, since it won’t boot from the new mobo, boot it from the old mobo. 😉

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      Try this, has worked for me in the past

      by alan.hayman ·

      In reply to How do you make an old hdd from another MB boot on a new MB?

      If you have the original Microsoft Windows XP CD you could try a repair install.
      Copy the original drive (use Symantec Ghost or similar) to the new SATA drive. Better safe than sorry and preserves the original drive! Boot the system with the XP CD and go through the XP Setup as if you were installing a fresh installation. When the setup programme searches for previous installation of Windows; it’ll find your XP on the drive.
      Now this doesn’t always happen (Depends on your XP media version I think) but you’ll get an option to REPAIR the current installation. This will take out any Hotfixes or Windows Updates but it will boot the system up and preserve your files as it’ll load and fingerprint the new hardware.

      If you do a Google search there is probably a better “How To Do A XP Repair Install” out there than my effort.
      Hope the above helps you out.

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        That is called a In Place/Up Grade/Repair Install as listed here

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Try this, has worked for me in the past

        But the problem there is you first need a M$ Branded Install Disc as this isn’t available on a System Makers Recovery Disc and the biggie in this case is it will [b]Destroy the Encryption Key[/b] so the Data will be unreadable/unusable.

        Cloning the HDD is the only usable thing of any help here as it allows this person to wreck a otherwise good Install of the OS to try to make it work on new hardware but it does nothing to help recover the Encrypted Data.

        Look here in the M$ Knowledge Base for articles on Replacing the M’Board

        How to Backup the Encryption Key

        Unfortantly as the new Drive is in use here that option is no longer open to the Original Poster and as they have Encrypted Data they need to rebuild the system if only on the workbench and either backup without Encryption or Backup the Encrypted Files and the Encryption Key for use on the new computer.

        They don’t need to mount the M’Board in a case just plugging in all the required Devices and placing the M’Board on clean White Paper will do the required job and then you need to use a small screwdriver to short out the Start Pins on the M’Board. Of course if you don’t know what you are doing this can have some devastating effects on the M’Board so that’s why I didn’t suggest it originally.


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