how do you make office 2003 compatible w/ windows vista?

By llsavits ·

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my thoughts

by dma69593 In reply to how do you make office 20 ...

I do not think you can. MS office 2003 was made well before the release of Vista. You may have to unfortunately pay the cost for MS office 2007. It's got a lot more features than office 03. Over here it costs about $250+ !
Have you tried installing it with Vista?
It would be interesting if you could make it compatible, would save the expense of having to purchase the newer version, however, keep in mind that Microsoft continues to make a lot of money by bringing out new versions because the older ones become incompatible.
With Vista's release, there will probaly be a lot of software etc released in the future that will only be compatible with Vista and not XP. This means that somewhere down the line just about everybody will have to upgrade to Vista.

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thank you very much

by llsavits In reply to my thoughts

This does help very much...I have tried to see if there is a patch to down load but cant seem to find one...have two friends try to install 03 w/ vista and it hasn't worked yet...If you have any other answers for me that would be GREAT...thanks again..


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MS Office 2003 will run on Vista

by schraderkta In reply to thank you very much

I have installed and successfullly run MS Office 2003 Student and Teacher Ed. on Windows Vista Home Premium.

After installation of the software, and before starting any of the apps, go to "Start"(windows icon), "All Programs", "Windows Update"

Search for updates, and it will provide a service pack to update MS Office 2003. With the service pack installed, MS Office will run on Vista

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by ComputerCookie In reply to MS Office 2003 will run o ...

Beats me why there is a problem, have run beta, rc1 and vista(Bus) with office xp without any problems.

If you don't know how to install an OS or other software maybe you should pay someone who does knows instead of posting.

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Seems Harsh

by charanded In reply to What!!!

Don't be too stressed jcoo3599! That is what this site is for. I too am having trouble getting this to download properly. The original sender question saved me time and and frustration.

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MS Office 2003 will run on Vista

by qnguyen In reply to MS Office 2003 will run o ...

show us the steps on how you do it (install office 2003 to vista). thanks.

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Having Stability Issues with Vista and MSO2K3

by john In reply to MS Office 2003 will run o ...

Good Day All - A new customer of mine was very excited about getting his new HP Vista Desktop. He asked me to install Office 2003 on it for him and I obliged. Word, Excel and Power Point appear to be running fine, but he is experiencing major problems with Outlook. Very erratic operation with send and receive functions. We were going to migrate him to Windows Mail and the .pst file would not import because of a MAPI error. If anyone has any resolution clues, please share... Thanks...

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Outlook 2003

by Sue T In reply to Having Stability Issues w ...

we have been using Outlook 2003 with Vista since Vista came out and do not have any problems. we used to use POP accounts and are now using the Kerio Outlook connector because we moved to webmail and that is also working. have you tried doing a repair on Outlook, installing sp3 for Office and double checking the information you entered for the connection?

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by SystemCheck In reply to my thoughts

dont see why office 03 is incompatible with vista, im currently running office 03 on my vista home premium 64 bit and had no issues with installation or running it, its possible you have a bad installation do a harddrive check

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