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How do you manage software licenses?

By jdclyde ·
What do you guys do to manage software licenses?

Is there documentation you give your employees explaining the company policy?

We're doing a software audit for the site right now and I need to put something together to "educate" the staff on why we're doing this and the ramifications of this not being done.

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unmanageable management

by jdclyde In reply to How do you manage softwar ...

FINE! If no one wants to play I will take my ball and go home!

Thanks to edwinr for peer mailing me some ideas!

So much for serious topics, huh? Guess I will go back to the TROLLS discussion "WHO TO HIRE?" and hijack it again!

It really amazes me that people even rise to a discussion like that anymore. How many times do the certified and the uncertified and the certifiable all have to go on and on about the way they did it so it must be the best?

If you see this and decide to post in that "discussion", please please please just post something off-topic! B-) The boobie prize to the most off-topic thread started!

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JD, the reason I haven't posted

by Old Guy In reply to unmanageable management

in this discussion is because I didn't want to be embarrassed by my lack of keeping up with the software licensing like it should be and letting everyone know it. Oh, well, it's out now. :8} I was really hoping to get some ideas of how to start from the posts I thought you would get. Sorry.

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That is fine

by jdclyde In reply to JD, the reason I haven't ...

I actually figured most people just didn't see the discussion, and by posting in it would raise a flag to get peoples attentions! B-)

I don't take any shame for out state of affairs because it is someone elses job to do, not mine. But if I have some good ideas on how people are handling this, it would give me a leg up for the next time this comes up and I can step up and save the day again!

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by Old Guy In reply to That is fine

always working an angle to "save the day". Cool. :)

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by CuteElf In reply to unmanageable management

You said Boobie!!!!!!


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The sad thing is

by jdclyde In reply to Oooh

SAYING that is the closest to one as I have been in a while now....

Always good to see you pop your head back in, cute one!

How have things been going up there for you? Haven't had an update in some time now!

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by Jaqui In reply to How do you manage softwar ...

I wasn't here over the weekend, I was working.

hmm, lets see.. yup, GNU-GPL is the license for 99.95% of the software used here.

but the policy is:
if the company didn't purchase the software, it better not be installed on company systems, unless you have given the company every disk, manual and copies thereof you got from it.

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working? ewwww!

by jdclyde In reply to hey!!

I really am pushing to get to that kind of a shop though.

From everything i have read about migrating people to a linux desktop, if you start with putting the office product on the windows box and ease them into that, changing the OS underneith is the easy part. ;\

I have NO intention of having the next version of windows on my network, no matter what the name is when it finally becomes more than MS vaporware. The specs are completely nuts, with absolutely no payoff for what we do. Yes, we would have to replace 95% of our PCs to even install it.

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You raise a good point

by Jaqui In reply to working? ewwww!

with the next version of msware, most companies will find themselves in the same position, replace the majority of their hardware to run it.

This is actually a good thing for open source, since for less than the software costs for ms products, they can have every system upgraded to an open source os, with far fewer security risks and licensing issues.
[ buying RHEL desktop is about 250 from RH, buying the server is about 1000.
buying 100 copies of windows next gen and 10 copies of server version...what, around 23,000 or more?
then buing 95 new workstations and 9 new servers at 1,00 and 3,000 each respectively.. really makes going open source far more attractive.

take a copy of Xandros live or Ubuntu/Kubuntu live and toss it into a system to show the board exactly how minimal the training requirements wil be. if they choose to spend a fortune going MS ware, then you can prove they are screwing the shareholders over at the next AGM. ]:)

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The big fear

by jdclyde In reply to You raise a good point

is to have to remain on whatever the current version of OS is until the systems no longer run, regardless of if you can get support (updates/drivers) or not.

Our big move right now is to get rid of the last of the Win98 systems, and anything that is under a pII400. (about 20 systems)

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