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How do you open port 443 on Windows 98SE

By jason ·
I have a system that connects to the internet directly through a cable modem. No firewall are installed. Windows 98SE.

I cannot view secure web sites. For example, I cannot use any of my webmail sites (except Yahoo! for some reason). Banking sites also do not work.
I have no router. I am connected directly through a cable modem.
I am told to open port 443. HOW DO YOU OPEN PORT 443 in Win98se.

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by sean In reply to How do you open port 443 ...

port 443 is for https (both tcp and udp protocols) and should be enabled by default. You might have disabled it via another firewall program perhaps you have some firewall software installed on the pc zonealarm/norton internet security or maybe you access the internet via a firewalled router?

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by In reply to How do you open port 443 ...


When people say to "open" a port, what they mean is to change the firewall settings to allow traffic to pass through that port. Since you don't have a firewall, you don't have an issue with the port being open or not.

Please expand on your description of what is happening when you cannot view secure web sites. You can provide answers by adding a comment.

1. What exactly happens when you try to use a website that uses HTTPS (the secure web site protocol)?

2. You said Yahoo webmail works. Are you saying your Yahoo webmail successfully uses HTTPS but other webmail sites that also use HTTPS do not work?

2.1 If these other webmail sites do not fail as you describe in your answer to question 1, how do they fail?

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by Boerseun In reply to How do you open port 443 ...

What version of Internet Explorer (IE) are you using?
You can Check this by going to help on toolbar with IE open and clicking on the about IE button.
Most secure sites require IE 5 or higer. Windows update under tools menu in IE should take you to microsofts update site if needed.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How do you open port 443 ...

If you do not have a Firewall installed then by default all ports are open.
Try this fix:;en-us;188773

Also, check the Cipher Strength of your browser (see IE, Help, About IE). I should be at least 128 bit.;en-us;195833

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to How do you open port 443 ...

I've seen this on a system that was heavily infected with spyware and viruses. Considering you have a direct connection with no firewall, I would say the odds are pretty good that you have a bunch of nasties on your system. I would scan for spyware with multiple programs and also run a full virus scan. The system I saw with this required a clean reinstall of Windows.

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