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How do you re-enter the job market?

I last worked in 2002, all my experience is in VAX/VMS Systems Administration which is now obsolete.
I studied and passed my PMP exam in April 2003, also in April 2003 my wife was critically ill, I could not leave her alone to fend for herself, she died on June 18 2006.

I am disabled, I am currently unable to work, and haven't been able to work since 2/2004 and started disability payments 8/2005. I was approved the FIRST TIME which is unheard of, which shows you how serious things were.

I am working hard to get back on my feet. In October I was able to walk, I lost all the strength in my right leg and I've been doing physical therapy to regain the strength in my right leg, and now I can walk on my own. I imagine if I keep working hard I can get where I can work in 1-5 years. But by then how do I start again? Since I have certain medical issues they'll just put me under a microscope, and I don't want to deal with all that. I figure I need to be self-employed. I will still probably have limitations. I know I would not be able to work at the paper mill that I worked at before I was laid off, too dangerous, and not safe for me.


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by grant@rb In reply to How do you re-enter the j ...

To build your contacts and experience, you should volunteer for free. If you're good enough, you will build referals. If you're not, you will recognize it.

A friend of mine is a severely disabled computer guy. I suggested day trading to him, because he is intelligent and has the ability to research, but he has difficulty typing.

Good luck.

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to How do you re-enter the j ...

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by Maevinn In reply to How do you re-enter the j ...

Volunteering is a great chance to see what skills you might want to brush up as well as giving you current data for your resume. Contact your local community college and see what all courses they're offering, if certs are available, etc. And--sit down and identify how much of your personal situation is relevant, and how best to present it to potential employers. I know it's tough, but honestly, giving them enough information to make a good decision is critical and you don't want to give them an overload (which can come across as too needy, or more than they want to handle).

Finally--search for work from home situations. Yes, there are a lot of bogus ones out there, but there are also a lot of legitimate companies that would rather pay more for someone to work from home.

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by REZUMA In reply to How do you re-enter the j ...

I am sorry to hear you were ill, it really sucks.
I left my position as IT manager because i realized that i did no spent enought time with my baby, i was unemployed for 5 month.

Luckily i am very versatil and can do SA task as well as coding and programing, etc.

I found that i was able to get projects, websites, access programming, etc, i did not needed to leave the house for that.

So if you have the opportunity of training yourself in programming that will make it easier.

I did a few projects and non-profit were mainly my client, so i did not only was at home but also felt really good about what i was doing.

Anyway, i dont know if this help, i hope everything gets better for you...i am sure it will

Good luck


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