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How do you restore the registry in win2k

By JacKal45 ·
Ok... this is what happened. I had an exported backup registry file (.reg) from another computer on my hard drive. I had it there and was going to upload it to a remote server for safe keeping. Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the enter key while the .reg file was selected in my explorer, thus merging the other computer's registry with the registry on my computer. It's messed things up pretty bad... I have a backup .reg file of my own registry, but I don't know how to restore it. All I seem todo is merge mine with the other one again, because I can't get rid of it other than manually deleting all the keys, I guess. I'm definitely not going to try and do that. Is there a way to wipe the registry clean and then import my backup .reg? I'm running win2k pro. The other registry that was merged with it accidentally was a win98se registry, so you can see how I'm running into lots of problems. I tried the "last known configuration" option but it didn't fix things. There must be someway to just wipe the registry clean and import my .reg file, right? Any info is greatly appreciated.

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How do you restore the registry in win2k

by maxwell edison In reply to How do you restore the re ...

Here's a thought.

Reg A = Your corrupted system registry.
Reg B = your good system registry backup.
Reg C = your friends registry backup.

(And I assume you have these located such that you can easilly locate whichever one.)

Boot up into DOS mode, perhaps on a bootable DOS disk, and delete registry A. Upon reboot, you'll get some kind of registry or registry hive error, and the computer won't boot.

Boot your system to the Recovery console using the Windows 2000 installation CD-ROM, selecting R for Repair and C for the Console. This should restore a good basic system registry, and the computer should reboot on it's own. Then, using regedit32, you can restore the values from Reg B into your new system registry.

Then, of course, get rid of Reg C.

Helpful links:

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 322755


Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\System.ced

DISCLAIMER and Word of Caution: I've never done this, and don't know for sure that it would work, nor have I seen documentation to the effect that it would work. In theory, it seems like it would.

I wouldn't mind seeing another opinion posted as to the merits of this theory.

(But if you're hosed anyway, and reloading the OS from scratch is the only other option.......?)

Good luck

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How do you restore the registry in win2k

by dmiles7 In reply to How do you restore the re ...

How to Restore Registry Keys
To restore registry keys that you exported, follow these steps:
Click Start , and then click Run .

Type regedt32 , and then click OK .

On the Registry menu, click Restore .

Select the file that you saved, and then click Open .

Click Yes to continue.

How to Restore the Whole Registry
To restore the whole registry, restore the System State from a backup. For additional information about using the Backup utility to restore the System State, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q240363 HOW TO: Use the Backup Program to Back Up and Restore the System State in Windows 2000
Note that if you use the option to back up the registry when you create an ERD, Backup also creates updated copies of the registry files in the %SystemRoot%\Repair\Regback folder. If you cannot start Windows 2000 after you edit the registry, you can manually replace the registry files in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder with the copies in the %SystemRoot%\Repair\Regback folder by using Recovery Console.

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