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How do you secure your WLAN?

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
Wireless LANs allow mobile users quick, easy network access and are popping up in corporate offices, hotels, airports, schools, and even large public spaces at an astounding rate. Yet broadcasting network traffic through the open air raises substantial security concerns. If you support a WLAN, do you use any of the following security measures or something totally different: WEP, MAC filtering, WPA or WPA2, VPN, LEAP?

If you rely on WEP you should check out this March 2005 report from

It outlines how FBI agents were able to crack a 128 bit WEP key in about three minutes using current cracking techniques.

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this isn't

by Jaqui In reply to How do you secure your WL ...

really news. ( the cracking of 128 bit encryption )
there is a serious need for a much better means of securing all data transfer.

we should be looking at 1024 bit encryption as dying by now, not looking at what next since 128 is broken. ( been broken for about a year now )

to secure any wireless communication you have to have a multi phase method.

encryption, just to be able to start data transfer

a second layer of encryption, based on a key already present to authenticate the machine.
( flex lm with the hostid function is a start )

user login with a high quality password, to authenticate the user.

and a software security system that monitors the users keyboarding patterns on remote device, then compares on the network server.

any one fails the machine is locked out of the network.

it can be broken, but going to keep it more difficult to do so than simple encryption.

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