How do you set up share and NTFT permissions, for this specific example.

By jav ·
Here is the scenario.

three xp workstations networked through a peer to peer environment (computer 1,2 and 3. each computer has the same three users listed. For this example user 1, user 2 and user 3. Each user is an administrator. Each computer has one shared folder with sub folders. they are named share 1 share 2 and share 3 respectively to match the computer on which they reside. The permissions for each user both across the network and locally should be as follows.

user 1: full access all three shares
user 2: read only to all three shares
user 3: read only to all three shares.

please elaborate on the share and security configuration to accomplish this.

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Start revoking Administrator rights.

by seanferd In reply to How do you set up share ...

Because the admin can just change them back.

You simply allow each user the permissions you have already explicitly stated, denying the other permissions. You already have your solution, just mark the appropriate checkboxes in the NTFS permissions.

And start revoking admin accounts. Give them whatever they need to keep working, but allow no further privileges, or your NTFS permissions mean nothing.

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by santeewelding In reply to Start revoking Administra ...
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I can't count how many times I've said it,

by seanferd In reply to That

let alone how many times I've heard it said.

Folks want to lock down x, y, or z, their interest of the moment, but never want to deal with some form of limited user account. Pretty much cannot be done.

Yes, there are things that are just easier, especially with some software, when everyone has admin privileges. But that, then, is the only thing that is easier, and all other management is harder. Especially outside a domain.

You know, you wouldn't believe how many fewer support calls I do now that I have gotten friends and relatives, especially on shared systems, to use separate limited user accounts. And only on three occasions have I suggested elevating privileges to install and run software (all nursing education related - horrid software design in some ways).

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