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How do you share ports in VLAN?

By TechTony ·
I'm kinda new in the VLAN arena. I would like to setup the simplest VLAN- 2 totally separate VLANS that share 3 servers between them. I have the PowerConnect 2724 switches which are layer 2 switches. They support VLANS and Tagged frames. I can create VLAN2 but I can't figure out how to share ports between the two. They stay completely separate. In research it looks like I need a layer 3 switch or a router. Is this true or can you do this with a layer 2 switch? Help is appreciated!!

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Sharing VLAN ports

by jefflj In reply to How do you share ports in ...

The simple answer is that the switch port connected to the server and the server port must be a member of all shared VLANS (i.e if Server1 is to be on vlans VLAN1, VLAN2, and VLAN3, then the port connected to Server1 must be a member of all 3 VLANs). How do you do it? A port can be a member of 1 and only 1 untagged VLAN, but it can be a member of many tagged VLANS (total number determined by your layer 2 switch manufacturer). To make a port a member of multiple VLANs, set it as an untagged mamber of VLAN1, and then a tagged member of all other VLANs. This is actually messy, I usually make them tagged members of all VLANS so I don't forget which is which. You must also make the server port have multiple IP interfaces (1 per VLAN) and make each a tagged or untagged member of the same VLANs created on the switch. as an example 2 VLANS, 1 server. Switch port 1 configured as a tagged member of VLAN1 and VLAN2, server ethernet port 1 configured as ip interface, tagged member of VLAN 1 and ip interface tagged member of VLAN 2. This only works if the server interface card supports VLANs, VLAN tagging AND multiple IP interfaces. A simpler solution is to get a layer 3 switch (IP routing only) and configure it to route your vlans to your server network. there are other options that will work, but it gets wordy from here...

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or you

by jdclyde In reply to Sharing VLAN ports

just get a layer three device that can route between the networks, setting that device as your gateway for each vlan.

if your router has dual ethernet ports, just plug one into each. IF not, if I recall correctly you will need to have a trunking port on your switch and use subinterfaces?

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by TechTony In reply to Sharing VLAN ports

Thank you very much! My server that I want to share a resource doesn't support VLANs. It's an Intel Pro/100 VE. I can't assign multiple VLAN ID's. So, I think I will have to do the layer 3 switch to connect my VLAN. Thanks for the info!

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Vlan Internet connectivity

by TechTony In reply to Sharing VLAN ports

The above worked with my Intel card and layer 2 switch!! However.. one last thing ... need DHCP and Internet access on the secure vlan. How do you do that? I have VLAN1 with all our computers and domain controllers. Server1 Shares access with VLAN1 and 2. The computers on VLAN2 can access each other and Server1. What about Internet access? Or DHCP? Or the kicker.. someone who VPN's in.. how do they get to VLAN2? If someone can help me with this.. they must be a god!

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you need a router to do all that

by jdclyde In reply to Vlan Internet connectivit ...

you can setup a server to act as a router or you can buy a router. Both will get you the same thing.

You will need to setup ACL's that control what is allowed where. This will say how can access what server, and from where. It will also be where you decide who can get to the internet.

You will need to configure your DHCP server to only feed to the one VLAN.

VPN, into the router and drop them on the vlan that has the permissions you want them to have.

A Cisco could do this, or a linux box with three NIC's. If you go with Cisco and have their SmartNet support, they will assist you in setting up your system. If you go linux, there are many "how-to's" all over the place about setting a linux box as a router. Depends on how much money you have and how technical your skills are.

Good luck!

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Please clarify what you want to do

by georgeou In reply to How do you share ports in ...
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