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How do you stay Organized?

By XpertDragon ·
Hey Everyone. Hopefully I can have a great participation turn-out on this discussion, as in the past I haven't been so lucky.

I am interested in finding out how the Information Technology professionals of TechRepublic Get organized and stay organized. I am referring to organization in your home, or home office as well as your place of business, or maybe those places are one in the same.

I feel I am cluttered and dis-organized and that can often lead to other problems and frustations.I am interested in hearing about how I.T. people organize documentation, both in paper and electronic form. What means do you use to store computer hardware or software if you are a help desk person? Cabinets? Drawers? Shelves?

Most of all, howdo you stay organized with Information? Your Bookmarks? Personal and Professional contacts? Cell Phone directory, Outlook Contacts? Web page service? How do you link all this information together for easy access and for convenience?

I look forward to any interesting responses, comments and or suggestions you may have about getting organized as an I.T. Professional.

Paul M. Chavez

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Travel light

by ian-catchpole In reply to How do you stay Organized ...

I may not be typical of my IT peers but I tend to avoid hoarding information. A quick glance round my office shows just 4 textbooks, 3 ring-binders, and a miscellaneous pile of papers that relate to this week's activities (screen dumps etc.).

I try to work on the basis that if its important - I remember it, or I remember where to find the information next time. In the case of hard-copy that inevitably leads to me discarding almost everything (also on the basis that its likely to be obsolete anyway).

I'm less disciplined with email and tend to keep everything there (although I do archive it). I don't organize it at all since any catagorisation is arbitrary and makes it hard to find anything (e.g. would you file by sender, subject, date or what? I can't always remember who sent a message or what I considered the subject to be, but I'll usually recall enough to do a search).

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Constant Maintenance!

by SheilaU In reply to How do you stay Organized ...

I have found that, given my many duties, organization is vital and space is at a premium. My documentation is all online rather than hard copy, and I live & die by my calendar in Outlook! (PDAs not being deemed necessary for help desk staff yet....) It was tough at first, but once I sat down one day and went through all my files and figured out a system that worked for me, life has been fairly smooth.

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