How do you stop Excel Formulas from Automatically updating?

By somethinggood4 ·
I'm trying to create a spreadsheet file that includes a Master summary page of all the open clients, with workpages for each of the clients behind it.

The client pages were easy, and they include a button for inputting the most recent activity into a list of contacts. In each one, it collects the current date, then users input an update in three cells, Action, ToDo, Followup.

The button then transfers the information from the update space automatically by inserting a row, cutting and pasting the data (values, to lock in the date) into the top of the growing list of "events".

The issue I'm having is on the summary page. I want the summary page to display the information at the top of the list on each page, but no matter which function I use, or which reference style, when the data is cut-and-pasted on the work pages, the summary follows the data and the summary only shows that one line.

This SHOULD be a reference issue, but I've tried absolute, relative and R1C1 and none of them prevent the formula on the summary page from 'chasing' the line of data on the client pages.

Can anyone help?


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