How Do You Stop the Shutting Down of Clipboard When Taking Online Course?

By reginajbrown ·
I recently purchased an online course and the material is viewed in their online viewer. Here's the problem: When I open the viewer up to study the coursework, it shuts down the Clipboard to all other programs on my computer. I'm running Vista Business. When I log out and close down the viewer my Clipboard works normally.

I spoke to the the Learning Centers Tech support and told them about it. They said they were aware of the problem but did not have a fix. I knew coming into the course that I would not be able to print but it was never disclosed to me that it would disable the Clipboard for all programs on my computer.

How do I regain control of my Clipboard? Thanks for any help.

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Here I doubt that there is a solution

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How Do You Stop the Shutt ...

Mainly because the Clipboard gets shut down by the software that you are running to protect the Copyright of the Course and probably to prevent cheating.

But I suppose you could buy the company running the course and then proceed to completely rewrite the software involved. Of course if you where to do this it would very quickly lead to others stealing your Propriety Content and making your new acquisition next to worthless.


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Perhaps it would be possible

by Michael Jay In reply to How Do You Stop the Shutt ...

for you to take notes, word or notepad comes to mind, if that is blocked as well there is always the old reliable, pen and pad.

As Oh Smeg said it is a copyright thing.

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Slim: Try a third-party clipboard app.

by seanferd In reply to How Do You Stop the Shutt ...

Particularly one which does not use the Windows clipboard. They may have thought of that, too, though.

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Thanks Guys!

by reginajbrown In reply to How Do You Stop the Shutt ...

Thanks so much for taking time out to help me with this one. I was made aware before purchasing the coursework that I would not be able to print any of the lessons but I was not made aware that the Clipboard for all programs would be disabled too. I was offered a refund of my money back by the Learning Center but I told them they had a great course and I wanted to stay plugged in; the only pain was the seizing of my Clipboard.

Maybe it's for the best anyway. Using the old pen and paper to take notes will reinforce what I'm learning. Thanks guys.


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