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How do you suggest I give 2 weeks to a great employer?

By Reb00t ·
I'm currently in IL and am working for a great boss and a great employer. Its the type of environment that I can only hope to get in the future with very good luck.

Some backgound info on this is that my wife and I have always wanted to move to L.A., CA. She just got an offer that she accepted at Amgen in Thousand Oaks. We have a new born, a house in IL. My wife starts her new job May 15th and I have a possible interview in CA this Friday.

I will be staying behind in IL until our house sells and I continue to work at my current company while my wife and baby are in CA. I don't want to lose the 2 incomes right now if I don't have to.

My question to do you bring up the fact that you will potentially be turning in a 2 week notice sooner or later, but without a solid date. As said previously, this employer has been awesome and I'd hate to leave them in a bad position. Any advice will be much appreciated!

UPDATE on 5/22:

Just as I was about to tell him...something unexpected happened.....

Took some great advice here. Had a 1-1 talk w/ the boss an explained my entire situation. I told him that I'm trying not to feel guilty about my decision, but all he had to say was "You should never feel guilty. If this is great for your family, thats all that matters.".

The unexpected thing that happened the day before I actually told him was that I did a phone interview w/ a company in CA and 4 hours later they wanted to hire me, sight unseen...unbelieveable. I had an offer letter later than night from the HR Director.

My last day will be at the end of this month and I'm looking forward to starting a new life out in CA.

Thanks for great advice, you guys are awesome! Even some of the tards who wanted me to burn bridges.

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by ericl_w19 In reply to How do you suggest I give ...

awwww its so cute you care about not leaving your previous employer in a bad position.....please why do you care?

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Because some employers are good

by JamesRL In reply to cute

I've known some people to leave an employer and come back. Its happened several times at the company I work for now, and was almost routine at a Fortune 100 company. I was told when I left that Fortune 100 company that I was welcome back.

He isnt' being cute, he is being mature.


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He is being...

by onbliss In reply to Because some employers ar ...

nice to nice people :-)

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by Wildcat0695 In reply to Because some employers ar ...
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Be up front and honest

by Jeff Dray In reply to Because some employers ar ...

I have had this happen to me, when I moved from Berkshire to Dorset I had a great boss, I told him what was happening, explained my wishes and he respected it. If he is a great employer he will support you, It's the lousy ones that make life difficult for you, to those we lie!!

there's nothing worse than springing a big surprise on a boss, if he knows what's happening he will be cool about it. As for the benefits of California over Illinois, I don't know, I've only ever visited New England as a leaf peeper!

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re: california over illinois

by avid In reply to Be up front and honest

I moved to IL from CA. I definately like it better here in IL. CA has plenty of work and opportunity, but some of the people there can really try your patience. as for the boss situation, be honest with him / her. i don't think your boss will expect you not to do what is in the best interest of your family.

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Treat others as you'd like to be treated...

by coldbrew In reply to Because some employers ar ...

I have always told people working under me to please let me know if they were even looking so we could see if I could change their minds about leaving. If I couldn't, that was fine too. Just don't leave me in a lurch.

I would never stand in the way of someone bettering themselves. If they are a hard worker, I think its only right that I try and help them.

I have done this where I work currently. I have been speaking with a potential employer for the past 2 months. My supervisor appreciated the heads up.

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cute, part 2

by Too Old For IT In reply to cute

I think it's cute he's following his wife's career out to CA.

I remember back when mentioning that in an interview would bring said interview to a close.

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Sexist pig

by JamesRL In reply to cute, part 2

If it was ok for a woman to follow her husband's career, why wouldn't it be ok for him to follow her? Nothing cute about it.


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There was a time ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Sexist pig

... when men did NOT follow their wive's careers.

Reminds me of the time one of my Marine staff seargent's wife went to the CO and said she was taking a career move back to the midwest, and demanded that he be transferred to a base in the town she was moving to. (It should be noted that the nearest Marine instllation was 500+ miles away, and didn't have any place for his MOS, but that's another story.)

Shortly thereafter, he was called on the carpet by the CO, and told he had better get his wife under control, or his career was going to end shortly and badly.

Not sure what ever happened, as we lost touch wehn I was transferred to the reserves.

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