How do you test and make sure that a VPN tunnel is solid?

By jviso ·
I have two IP Panasonic phones working through a VPN tunnel with two Cisco RVS4000 smal routers. The ISP is Windsream and they provide a 1.5Mbps upload/download speed. The phones loose connectivity randomly like if the tunnel is down and minutes later they come back up. What is the right way to troubleshoot this issue?
I thank you all in advance for your help!

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Troubleshooting 101

by robo_dev In reply to How do you test and make ...

First of all, what is WindStream? Is that DSL or wireless?

Most devices have some sort of diagnostic log which can show you if, for example, a DSL circuit or cable modem is healthy and strong, or marginal, generating gobs of errors, and therefore unreliable.

If the data circuit is found to be solid, the next question is what router/firewall is involved?

For example, one issue is that DSL circuits are actually dial-on-demand, so they can and do timeout, unless configured not to do that.

Similarly, lots of el-cheapo home-grade routers overheat, or their $2 power supply is overheating and one spark short of catching fire. So simply swapping hardware may help.

Consider too if the data cables are cheap cables in bundled up mass of wires tangled with the power cord for the unit...not the best way to ensure reliable communication.

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