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how do you turn of keyboard calculater?

By morgy73 ·
i have a equium l20 the kids pressed something on it and now i have numbers appearring instead of certain letter"s plus theres a light on ive never seen lite before looks like a calculater symbol next to light plz help??

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Press the Number Lock or Num Lock once

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how do you turn of keyboa ...

That is what you need to do.


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Reponse To Answer

by morgy73 In reply to Press the Number Lock or ...

thank"s for your answer but it"s not that it"s actually alterd the letters on the keyboard but only certain 1"s on it 7 in total rest of keyboard fine.:)

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OK then maybe the altered the Region Setting or Keyboard Type

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how do you turn of keyboa ...

Click on the Start Button and then left click on the Control Panel on the Right Side of the Menu.

When the Control Panel Opens Left Click on the Regional & Language Options, then when the next Window Opens make any necessary Changes to your Language and Location.

Lets know if that helps.


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Fn Key

by pcrx_greg In reply to how do you turn of keyboa ...

If this is a notebook, then the Fn + key combination has been pressed and you need to look at the keyboard to see which function key turns on the Num Lock. The Fn (Function) key is usually on the bottom row of the keyboard on the left side of the space key. The FN + keys are usually in with the F keys along the top of the keyboard. The Fn on the bottom row is often in a different color than the rest of the keys, and the Fn+ functions are usually shown in the same color. You need to find the Num Lock symbol or lettering in the F keys at the top of the keyboard and then hold down the Fn key at the bottom and then press the key at the top of the keyboard to deactivate the Num Lock. I hope that this helps.

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Per the Manual

by TheChas In reply to how do you turn of keyboa ...

Per the Toshiba L20 series manual, the key combination is Fn and the F11 key to toggle the numeric keypad.

The keys with the gray markings on the bottom edge function as the standard numeric keypad on a 101 key keyboard.

Why they did not just use the NumLock key is a darn good question.


I see it now that I enlarged the keyboard picture. F11 doubles as the Numlock key WHEN used with the Fn key to enable the Function Keys.

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Fn + F11

by seanferd In reply to how do you turn of keyboa ...

That should do it.

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