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How do YOU use wireless technology?

By TomSal ·
With ever changing networking goals I'm being asked to design our new network (part of a complete renovation of our facility) with, I'd like to know if anyone else is current using wireless networking at their company. Also, what do you like about the technology? What do you dislike about the technology?

I'll tell you what they are asking right now for me to do. The "main" LAN is going to stay wired. But the top execs in my company were proposing that we look into wireless capability as well. They basically want to be able to bring in a laptop computer and have that computer be capable of accessing the wired LAN, no matter where it roams in the building.

I can't deny the usefulness this would bring to both our sales team (who never sit still, are ALWAYS traveling the country) and for my own department -- to diagnose and log problems throughout the company.

I told them the problem is going to be that security is lacking in wireless and so someone could capture network traffic from sitting in our parking lot and the second concern is expense -- wireless is still more costly than wired.

What's your feedback on this?

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Check the site out

by areets In reply to How do YOU use wireless t ...

It is new and evolving in its interface but the author (myself) is looking for an audience.
It has a glossry!

All feedback is welcomed and published!

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Wireless LAN and Public RAN Security

by areets In reply to How do YOU use wireless t ...

You can achieve a workable security level when you combine with VPN. You will lose on connection time but you will need to determine whether networking accessing time is of importance or security. You'll need to find the balance between both. Separate the indoors WLAN infrastructure from outdoors (PDAs, handsets, etc) designing. Take the the indoors from identify to full support then integrate the outdoor aspect. Advantages: indoor equimpent is cheaper than out - experience before, since RLAN/Wi-Fi/CDMA/UMTS will highly impact performance, so distancing that outdoor launch is beneficial - wait for handsets to drop in price, public access gateway config. will too.

If any questions, feel free to ask. I hope I have helped!

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Very little use

by turnerc In reply to Wireless LAN and Public R ...

I have configured wireless mostly for home offices in my area. A few larger companies have wireless hotspots, in the cafeteria and board rooms for instance.
Generally once I explain how wireless can have it's security compromised it puts clients off.

One exec I have worked for, I sold a basic wireless access point. It's all pre-configured and if he has to spend time in a part of the office, he just patches it into a network point. By doing this he is happiest that he is not compromising wired security with wireless access. He uses this to best effect in scheduled meetings.

Other than this main example, it's really only used by my SOHO clients, then mostly as a toy.

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Office trends are changing

by areets In reply to Very little use

Wireless networking will be as popular as ethernet LAN. That's a fact! The technology has moved on and software can do the rest.

We want to move away from static seating to dynamic. Wireless network future is in the office, but outdoor's have away to go, since security becomes paramount.


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We don't!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to How do YOU use wireless t ...

Having been involved in intelligence gathering and military 'projects' in some unsavoury parts of the world (prone to sandstorms and swarming with troops....), wireless can be 'eavesdropped on by anyone' and is not by any stretch of the imagination even remotely secure. I can walk down any street in a city with a wireless LAN adaptor in my laptop and usually manage to access the internet by piggybacking onto someones wireless LAN. In fact, you can now see chalk-marks on walls outside buildings giving locations of wireless access points. It's the latest form of graffitti...instead of tagging a wall with your name, you leave a tag pointing to a WAP so other cyber hitch-hikers can jump aboard for a free ride.

In short...if a device is designed to connect via RF, it is easier to compromise than a hard-wired setup.

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Piggybacking WiFi

by admin In reply to We don't!!

Beyond a backpack or driving, you can really spend some quality time with a directional antenna and a rotor. Useful for those special moments you'ld rather have a different ip while you make sure the neighborhood is safe :)

The really great thingis, the 2.4 gHz range antenna can double with use as an extra set of eyes to help watch all the security cameras in your greater neighborhood, so you can not only check the wired, but crossover into the physical aspects of security.

Kind of worrisome depending on what your level of risk to manage is. :)

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I think this is covered above

by admin In reply to How do YOU use wireless t ...

but to support an idea....

We use the standard wep etc., but I also only allow clients stored in a mac address list. Our policies support no outside equipment, so it has to be a company computer. When you get the wifi connect, all you will see isan old p166 as a honeypot, then you have to VPN from there to get into the actual company network. The VPN software bridges the ip's.

I don't know if that will be of use to you, but I definately refuse to let any employee hook any device up to it. We also log all sessions etc. So far we haven't been hit, however, from our office with a appx 6 db gain ant you can hit about 15 waps immediatly since we're in an office park area. Most of these are out of the box wide open, so why bother with us.

Good Luck! :)

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This reply reminds me of this...

by turnerc In reply to I think this is covered a ...

This is NetGear's 10 steps to better wireless. It's a pretty good very basic starter to a wireless expansion.

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