How does a web page consume resources?

By Healer ·
Does any activity of a web page scrolled out of sight still go on in the background consuming resources? Sometimes I see a banner or some flash commercials or videos and so on, I quickly scroll the area in question out of sight hoping it would stop consuming resources such as memory and CPU. I would even change the size of the browser so that the activity is not visible. Does it help?

I can hear music or talking if there is sound. I suppose any visual stuff should stop because no area in the screen is dedicated to it.

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Open page consumes

by t.hulsebosch In reply to How does a web page consu ...


every webpage that is opened will consume memory and cpu as you say.
It doesn't matter if you scroll up or down to get things out of view.
The only way to prevent consumption is :
- closing the webpage (....)
- disable javascript (javascript is being run locally)
- diable the automatic download / execution of images and active-X

There's a lot you can prevent from being executed automatically.
But, it also prevents a lot of viewing comfort.

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Just because you can not see something on the page

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How does a web page consu ...

Doesn't mean that it's not still running. Any Flash will be running and it doesn't matter if it's visible or not if it's on the page it's using resources.

There are numerous other things which can call for scripts and other things embedded in a lot of modern Web Pages which will also be running no matter if they are required or not and there may even be pictures not visible on the screen downloading that will never be displayed on that particular Web Page. It all depends on how the page was constructed and what it has running in the background.

But no matter what it's using System Resources to display all the current page if it's on the screen or not.


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and FYI...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How does a web page consu ...

your web browsers all will likely be the TOP resource hogs of your entire reprtoire of applications.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to and FYI...

Except gaming obviously.

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Code and data not executed, still get downloaded?

by Healer In reply to How does a web page consu ...

Thanks guys for all your affirmations.

One more thing I would like to ask is when I set the browsers not to load images automatically and to block pop-up windows with Firefox and not to show pictures with Internet Explorer and so on, would the relevant codes or data or pictures still get downloaded to the local computer?

I also use an add-on flashblock with Firefox. I don't know if the flash still gets downloaded and hole up locally though they are not executed.

I am just trying to minimize the resources used because I have limited data download quota.

Col says there may even be pictures not visible on the screen downloading that will never be displayed on that particular web page. What would they get downloaded then?

If we say web browsers are the resource hogs, what browsers would you guys recommend?

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Reponse To Answer

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Code and data not execute ...

A lot will depend on what the data is and how your system is set up. For example, you can set the system not to run certain types of scripts or open certain types of files the scripts and files may well be downloaded but not run; while in some other cases they may not get downloaded at all.

I use Fire Fox with AdBlock Plus, I have a lot of filters set in it to refuse the download or access to certain sites and certain types of scripts, I also have it set not to allow third part cookies. Thus when a script calls for a cookie or download from a third part, say Google Analytics, it's blocked and not downloaded. However, if they have that same code installed locally and call it from the same server as the website it's not blocked and it will run.

In the same vein when I go to a website that has a Flash file locally loaded and called it gets downloaded but isn't allowed to run until I say to let it, but if it's called from another site (as happens in a mashup) it doesn't get downloaded at all as my system blocks those types of calls by default - I have to make a special entry to allow that to happen with the few sites I trust to operate that way.

In short, what you get hit with will depend on how the page is written and how your browser is set up. I prefer to use Fire Fox as I know I can set it's security up to be very exact and how I want it. My son uses both Fire Fox and Chrome, and he says Chrome uses less resources but he has had some issues in blocking some of the other Google stuff in Chrome, especially the GoogleAds.

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No, they shouldn't get downloaded

by Slayer_ In reply to How does a web page consu ...

If you want, use the firefox edit headers to make it think you are using a mobile browser. Then sites might give you the mobile version which usually doesn't have any pictures or scripts.
Find the "User Agent Switcher" addin for firefox. then set it to something like iPhone.

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to No, they shouldn't get do ...

Thanks! I've just downloaded and installed the User Agent Switcher and set it to iPhone 3.0.

I have also ticked the "Hide the User Agent Switcher Tools menu" though I can't see where the menu is.

By the way what does the User Agent for Search Robots do?

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to No, they shouldn't get do ...

Well I hope it helps. I found that suggestion online.

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Hi Deadly Earnest,

by Healer In reply to How does a web page consu ...

Thanks for your joining in. I use Firefox mainly. I use Internet Explorer only as a backup. Chrome is no good, it often crashes.

You have just reminded me about AdBlock and I've just gone to find it and install it. No joking, there is such a big variety and it is challenging to choose. I picked Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.5 and hope it will do the best job.

I can see that we can enable or disable JavaScript but not other scripts. I am not too sure what other scripts you are referring to that I can filter them out.

I do not know where I can set the Firefox not to allow third party cookies.

I have the Flashblock installed, do you think I would have the flashes not downloaded at all or I would have them downloaded but not run until accepted by me.

What is a mashup? I am not too sure how one can have the system block certain types of calls by default.

Apart from security, I am also very conscious of the amount of data I upload and download because I have a limited quota. So I have downloaded and installed User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 and set it to iPhone 3.0 after one of you recommended. I have not seen the obvious difference yet.

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