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How does a Wireless Router work?

By MongBoyJeff ·
I now have 4 computers on a non-wireless router(D Link, Model DI-704). I recently purchased a New 5100 Dell Inspiron Laptop and a Dell Truemobile 1150 Wireless PC Card. My brain cells just are not what they used to be. I tried in vain to set up not only my PC Card, but, also Printer Sharing and didn't realize that my router is just an Ethernet cable plug in. It finally came to me that I need a Wireless Router(Mainly for the Laptop). I purchased a Dell Truemobile 2300 802.11B/G Wireless BB Router, which is in transit.
If I just want to connect my Laptop, do I only need a USB Cable? Would you suggest that I place all four computers(3 Desktops & 1 Laptop) on the new router? I must admit that I've made mistake after mistake, but, how can I do this? Should I create a Lan?
Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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by TheChas In reply to How does a Wireless Route ...

The simplest way to add the wireless router to your existing network is to connect it to the proper port on your wired router for up-linking.

If there is no port specifically labeled for up-linking, try using port 1.

When you set up the wireless router, pay close attention to ALL SECURITY settings!
There are groups of people who drive around searching for open wireless connections. The 'nice' ones simply make use of your internet connection.
The bad ones will attempt to hack into your PCs.

If you don't already have 1, install a firewall program on ALL connected PCs.

A wireless router works the same way as a wired router. Instead of using network cables, you connect over radio waves, similar to how a cordless phone works.


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by MongBoyJeff In reply to

Great answer, very precise and on the mark. I'm glad that you mentioned the Firewall. I know that I have it on 2 computers, I'll have to check the other two.
Thanks very much.

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by MongBoyJeff In reply to How does a Wireless Route ...

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